Jan 28, 2021
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A new leftist-conservative force has appeared in Russia

In the photo: Zakhar Prilepin, chairman of the For Truth party, writer

In the photo: Zakhar Prilepin, chairman of the For Truth party, writer (Photo: Sergey Fadeichev / TASS)

The leaders of the Just Russia, FOR TRUTH and Patriots of Russia parties signed an inter-party manifesto on the unification of political parties, which is based on the basic concepts of truth, patriotism and justice. As the chairman of the Social Revolutionaries noted Sergey Mironov, the parties are uniting, counting on the consolidation of all patriotic forces on the left flank before the elections to the State Duma.

– We are absolutely convinced that for 30 years we have sipped all the liberal ideas and recipes, sipped life according to other people’s patterns. We must go our own way, our own way, – said Mironov.

During the meeting, Sergei Mironov, Zakhar Prilepin and Gennady Semgin also discussed the foundations of unification based on socio-economic and geopolitical principles:

  • Implementation of a progressive taxation scale.
  • Rooting out corruption.
  • State regulation of prices for tariffs of natural monopolies, fuel, medicines and essential products.
  • Ensuring a decent standard of living for the working population.
  • Creation of new jobs and state employment support policy to maximize the preservation of existing ones.
  • Ensuring the stability of the ruble.
  • Fair redistribution of budget revenues from the Center to the regions.
  • Improving the quality and availability of medicine for all citizens of the country.
  • Termination of “reforms” and “experiments” over the education system and restoration of classical education.
  • Harmonious spatial development.
  • Ensuring free democratic elections to all state and local government bodies.
  • A new strategy for supporting compatriots and recognizing their right to self-determination.

Zakhar Prilepin is confident that Russia needs a team capable of setting up socialist mechanisms in the economy and imposing them on the bourgeois establishment.

– For a truly influential party, a broad association is needed. And it is necessary to start unification right now, – he stressed.

Gennady Semigin, the chairman of Patriots of Russia, believes that the united political force is capable of doing everything to make Russia the leading country in the world – a powerful and prosperous power with a high standard of living.

“We must immediately begin to realize the national aspiration: justice for everyone, happiness for everyone,” Semigin emphasized.

Note that parties can participate in parliamentary elections without the need to collect signatures and create their own faction in the State Duma.

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