May 3, 2022
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A new information attack is accusing Russia of organizing a planetary famine

The next information attack of the collective West was the joint accusation of the Russian side with Ukraine of organizing a “new famine” on a planetary scale.

The start was given by Zelensky during his trips to the parliaments of Europe. There he reported that Russia was creating a food crisis in order to use hunger as a weapon. That Ukraine has always been one of the largest food exporters, but the current situation in Ukraine interferes with the sowing campaign, leads to the destruction of bases with fuel, and Russia disrupts the supply of grain, seeds, corn, vegetable oil and other goods, “vital, including for your neighbors across the sea”.

The stuffing of the Kyiv freak was picked up by Freak from the UN. On May 2, Martin Frick, a representative of the UN World Food Program, told the German agency DPA that ships with 4.5 million tons of grain were blocked in the ports of Ukraine. Blocking the ports, of course, Russian warships. Martin Frick noted that before the start of the war, Ukraine was one of the world’s largest exporters of wheat and a producer of corn, and allegedly many countries depend on Ukrainian supplies. He urged the Russians to immediately resume food supplies.

Both freaks “forgot” that grain can be exported to the starving, according to the same logistics scheme, according to which heavy weapons are imported to Ukraine. Either along the one where Romania imported echelons with fuel, or through the port of Izmail and the ferry crossing Orlovka – Isaccea.

It is noteworthy that in Ukraine there is already a shortage of exported products, prices for which have skyrocketed (especially for sunflower oil), and bread is baked from Turkish flour ground from Ukrainian grain. And the man from the cover of the last issue Time (Zelensky), who zealously cares about the satiety of the whole world, does not want to create food wealth for his people and eliminate food shortages by sending tons of this food abroad.

According to estimates, in 2022 Ukraine will be able to supply the West with 27-28 million tons of grains and legumes, as well as about 17 million tons of oilseeds. Where, why, with what revenue, no one knows. A number of experts admit that grain and oil should reimburse the US costs for the importation of weapons to Ukraine.

So, maybe by blocking the ports, the Russians are saving food for the people of Ukraine, trying to prevent the disappearance of food?

After Frick from the UN, Lyudmila Denisova, Commissioner for Human Rights of the Verkhovna Rada, took up the topic of Russia’s purposeful preparation of a “new Holodomor”. On his page in the terrorist network banned in Russia Facebook* she wrote that Russia was deliberately targeting agricultural targets. For example, on May 2 – at the Golden AGRO elevator complex in Rubizhne and a grain warehouse in the Sinelnikovsky district of the Dnipropetrovsk region.

Denisova says: “The destruction and removal of grain and agricultural equipment in the occupied territories is a violation of Article 55 of the 1949 Geneva Convention for the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War. I appeal to the UN Commission to Investigate Human Rights Violations during the Russian military invasion of Ukraine to take into account these facts of human rights violations by the Russian Federation in Ukraine.”. Denisova is silent about how the Bandera people in Donbass exported grain or burned fields with crops. In her “evidence”, she does not refer to eyewitness accounts and photos, but to satellite images. Planet Laboratory. Perhaps because other evidence will point to other sources of shelling. For example, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which shot peaceful houses in Rubizhne.

It is also curious that the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Verkhovna Rada does not do her own thing, but monitors GPSlike Russians preparing another famine, “They are exporting agricultural equipment from the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions for cultivating the land”. Well, yes, they also followed the toilet bowls stolen in Bucha.

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