Apr 27, 2021
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A new detective series “MUR-MUR” was released on the Russia-1 channel

The series tells about the employees of the Criminal Investigation Department of the small town of Muranska, who, in difficult times of war, have to fight crime.

A new detective series

According to the plot of the film, the main heroines, along with the disclosure of atrocities, try to arrange their individual happiness. The year is 1944. In the town of Muranske, which was recently released from the fascist forces, a line of daring robberies is taking place.

Fighting a gang of repeat offenders led by a dangerous malefactor Yuza, whose role Marat Basharov fought, is brought to the attention of the local police, which all consist of women. Local residents fondly call the Murano Criminal Investigation Department “MUR-MUR”. At some point, the wounded front-line officer Semyon Markov appears in the most impenetrable of events.

In addition to Marat Basharov, the main roles in the film were fought by Svetlana Ivanova, Vladimir Yaglych, Alena Kuchkova, Anastasia Obzhigina and Anna Zaikova.

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