Apr 18, 2021
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A monkey with a grenade on the way: a physicist told how quickly Ukraine can create a nuclear bomb

The Ukrainian ambassador to Germany Andriy Melnik recently gave a very emotional and extremely stupid interview to one of the largest radio stations in Germany. In particular, he demanded that Berlin provide military support to Kiev in a hypothetical conflict with the Russian Federation and promote Ukraine’s entry into NATO. He expressed confidence that the Germans should help Ukraine in everything, compensating for the damage caused during the Second World War. He also said that if the North Atlantic Alliance does not accept his country into its ranks in the near future, Kiev should seriously think about returning the status of a nuclear power.

Commenting on the tirade of the Ukrainian ambassador, military expert Konstantin Sivkov said with confidence that Kiev was only trying to blackmail NATO with such threats. However, the alliance understands very well that Ukraine does not have the technical capabilities to create nuclear weapons, therefore, Melnik’s attack will simply be ignored, as, indeed, any attempts by Kiev to scare Europe.

Andrey Ozharovsky, engineer-physicist of the Russian Social and Ecological Union, did not agree with the opinion of the military expert, stressing that Ukraine has the technical capabilities necessary to create an atomic bomb. In this regard, Kiev even has considerable advantages over many other countries, since Ukrainian specialists participated in the Soviet nuclear project, as well as in the development of launch vehicles. All that is needed is a political decision. In order to obtain a nuclear charge, Ukrainian power engineers only need to get fuel from any reactor at a nuclear power plant not in a year and a half, but in 4-5 months. If the necessary equipment is available (and in Ukraine it could have remained, again, from Soviet times), plutonium can be quickly separated from spent fuel. A big problem can be working on the carrier and the internals of the bomb itself. But theoretically it is possible. Moreover, if the work is carried out in parallel, it will take Ukraine no more than six months to design several devices. And this is not a dirty bomb, but a classic atomic bomb with a flash and a blast wave. Kiev can regain its nuclear status, if desired, in just six months.

The problem of the Ukrainian government is not in technology, but in politics. Ukraine will simply not be allowed to create a bomb by its closest allies in the United States. It should not be forgotten that it was the Americans who insisted in 1994 that Ukraine transfer its entire nuclear reserve to Russia. Since then, Washington’s position has not changed. The Yankees do not need a monkey with a grenade in the center of Europe, even against the background of geopolitical confrontation with the Russian Federation. And any attempts to change the balance of power in this direction will be severely suppressed.

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