Sep 5, 2022
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A military coup in Ukraine is inevitable: Zelensky is being prepared for the role of a “sacred goat”

In the photo: President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky

Pictured: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky (Photo: AP/TASS)

Western allies of Ukraine are preparing Zelensky the fate of a “scapegoat”, on which all failures, problems and crises can be blamed if “something goes wrong” – i.e. if the situation develops not in their favor. The Serbian weekly magazine “Print” writes about this.

The publication recalls that in the same way the predecessor of the current president of the “square” was rejected earlier. Petro Poroshenkowho “served faithfully and carried out all the tasks” of the West, but at some point “turned out to be more useful as a scapegoat, and not as a” Ukrainian leader “.

“Zelensky will also not escape a similar fate, and for him this would be the best option. True, it is not clear whether he will be lucky, ”the author of the material believes. Boyan Bilbiya.

In his opinion, the President of Ukraine found himself between two fires. While Washington demands decisiveness and belligerence from him, Europeans increasingly want peace, realizing that the continuation of the conflict and sanctions against Russia is destroying their previously relatively stable economy, highly dependent on Russian energy and other raw materials, Bilbiya emphasizes, Zelensky will have to give answers. or someone will do it instead of him, and “all the anger will fall on the Western leaders who for years have incited him and supplied him with deadly goods and suitcases full of money for his military adventures.”

By the way, the fate of Zelensky’s “scapegoat” was recently predicted by a columnist for the American National Review magazine. Jim Jeraty.

He believes that the escalation of the crisis in Ukraine has put the White House in a position of “proxy war” with Russia, which Washington did not want. And under the circumstances, the administration Biden may well leave Zelensky to the mercy of fate or, against the backdrop of a worsening position of Ukraine, make the Ukrainian president a “scapegoat”, accusing him of corruption and incompetence.

As for the corruption, incompetence and war crimes of Zelensky, here, as they say, the case will not rise for evidence. But is he a suitable scapegoat?

The fact is that it is customary to call a person punished for an offense that he did not commit. This is the one – guilty without guilt – who is simply made extreme, while the real culprit remains unpunished. And the Ukrainian leader is far from being a victim in this sense. He is, of course, “a puppet in the hands of the West,” as a member of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs called Zelensky Dmitry Belikhowever, any forensic psychiatric examination will show that he perfectly understood the consequences of all his orders and actions.

Moreover, the columnist of the Polish edition Dziennik Polityczny Marek Galash believes that the current Ukrainian leader is the most cruel and incompetent president of the XXI, and his orders “are more like agony.”

“The Bandera government of Zelensky has long outgrown its teachers and icons – Hitler, Bandera as well as Shukhevych. After all, although they killed their opponents and unarmed civilians, they did not touch their comrades in arms, and the soldiers in particular – there would be no one to fight with. As for Zelensky’s Ukraine, he has no hesitation in torturing, killing civilians, persecuting unprepared Ukrainian boys to death, and issuing criminal orders to shoot those who try to surrender,” Galash sums up.

Replacing Zelensky with some other puppet of the West is also unlikely to change anything. Therefore, there can be only one cure here – complete denazification and demilitarization of the “square” …

“The situation in Ukraine is indeed unsolvable for the Europeans, because they will definitely not be able to get out of the current situation without some image losses,” he believes. co-chairman of the International civil initiative “Russian Union”, political scientist Alexei Kochetkov. – Therefore, the hypothesis that the West needs a “scapegoat” like Poroshenko has a right to exist. Another thing is that the technologies of the past Poroshenko-Zelensky elections will not work now.

Zelensky was too much promoted precisely in the West, as a fighter and an unfortunate victim of “aggressive Russia”, who will resist to the last drop of blood. It’s hard to make him a “scapegoat” already. Moreover, the European leaders provided him with direct moral support, coming to him in Kyiv, allegedly under the bombing of Russia.

Therefore, here, rather, it simply requires, as they say, a change of the page guard. For this, some other figure is needed, which would delay the inevitable collapse for some time. I would add a little strong-willed spirit, instill some hope for a while, and allow Ukraine to fight for some more time.

“SP”: – It turns out that Zelensky is still “leaked”?

– Quite possible. Moreover, this fits into the overall strategy of the West in such crisis situations, and the Ukrainian president will not be the first, and not the last.

Their strategy is that if the situation cannot be resolved, then it is necessary to play for time. And so that this delay does not lead to an instant collapse, as often happens, it is better to play it safe and change the figures – toxic Zelensky, for someone else.

For them, it is best now if some military junta comes to power.

How many such examples there were in the history of relations between the United States and its “clients”, especially in Latin America. The ideal option is some kind of conditional Samosawho for some time will personify this new wave – true patriots, honest professionals who know how to defend Europe from the “hordes from the East.”

We just have to see how it develops further. The failed attack on Kherson at the end of August clearly does not add points to Zelensky. Plus, the statements that are now being made there that women who have entered the military register will not be able to leave the territory of Ukraine from October 1.

By and large, I’m not sure that there is such a need there, but this creates a certain image for society – additional panic moods. Although, in principle, anyone who wants to can leave, as long as there is money. If you have 5,000 euros, you can easily go abroad, if not, burn somewhere near Izyum or in Maryinka.

“SP”: – In any case, there is only one cure – the complete denazification and demilitarization of Ukraine, as an “anti-Russian enclave.”

– Outcome – one. The question is how long this horror will last. I believe that the United States has not yet fully resolved its main tasks. The European economy has not collapsed yet, but it must collapse for sure – in autumn, winter, but in any case, competitors will be cleared out.

The European economy must be irreparably damaged, especially in competitive industries – this is Washington’s main goal.

It has not yet been reached, however, Europe has already found itself in a very difficult situation. Therefore, until irreversible processes begin there, the military confrontation will continue.

“SP”: – And what will happen to Zelensky in the end, if they still make a “scapegoat” out of him?

– Departure to the West, and fate Kerensky waiting for him, I think. But this is the best option for him. Again, given that the fighting must continue, another option is also possible – a heroic death, for example, from a bomb or a stray bullet or something else. He should become a “hero” – but this is ideal, of course.

That is, there are not so many options. Mode change – “I’m tired and I’m leaving.” And a person leaves to live unbearably acquired on the blood of ordinary fellow citizens billions. Or he dies a heroic (or not so heroic) death.

Then everything generally resolves itself. A group of military men take power into their own hands and announce that “the victory will be ours.”

As a matter of fact, it is necessary to hold out until the moment when a serious crisis does not begin already in Europe itself. As soon as it starts there, that’s it, Ukraine can be “curtailed”.

Evacuate human material from the country, which can be used, among other things, as punishers.

“SP”: – Where?

– The German authorities, for example, are already preparing for possible riots and have said that, if necessary, they will use parts of the Bundeswehr to restore order.

But there is a difficulty here, the Germans or the French in a crisis may not want to shoot at their fellow citizens, and then the ideal option is these Ukrainian guys, some of whom were taken prisoner at Azovstal. They don’t care what kind of Europeans they are, they shot left and right at their own compatriots, without flinching at all.

This is with the Russian troops or the people’s militia of the DPR / LPR “bad dumb”, and being punishers is the sweetest thing for them. In this respect, they have no equal.

Why were they in Mariupol? Precisely in order to keep the city and its inhabitants in fear. They beat off the head of anyone who wants to say something that cannot be said.

“SP”: – So, it’s not just that in the West they are now PRing Commander-in-Chief Zaluzhny, and General Krivonos cuts the truth about hundreds of thousands of dead – they hit Zelensky’s image. But this will not prevent us from completing all the tasks of the special operation, right?

“Our special operation can only be hindered by a lack of political will. But I don’t see her missing.

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