Dec 28, 2020
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A map of desires for 2021: how to make it right to make everything come true

A map of desires for 2021: how to make it right to make everything come true

On New Year’s holidays, it is unusual to believe in miracles, and in the wake of a positive attitude, any dreams can be realized. Creating a map of desires for 2021 will help determine goals, as well as visualize dreams, which certainly minutes.

Creating a map of desires is a creative process, and you can do it at any time when there is an imminent desire. It is not possible to draw up a map right away, but within a few days or even weeks, drawing inspiration from the surrounding world. Experts recommend starting to create your map at a time when your “hands are itching”, that is, at any time from the end of 2020 to the beginning of February 2021.

The first step is to make the list of desires itself: how long it will be will tell you what accessories are required. If there is a total of one desires for each area of ​​life, then you can take an impeccable album sheet, and if the plans are grandiose, then whatman paper or a piece of wallpaper will come to the rescue. To create a map you will also need:

any rolling accessories (pens, markers, felt-tip pens, paints or crayons); glue; decor elements (sequins, ribbons, sequins, etc.); ready-made pictures.

You can also use a corkboard with sticky notes to make it easier to adjust targets and remove those that have already been reached. Pictures can be drawn by yourself, printed or cut from glossy magazines.

It is necessary to delimit the sheet into 9 sectors in accordance with feng shui and then place in each of them the found pictures or inscriptions that meet the desires to become richer, to find health, love and other benefits necessary for a cloudless life. It is worth paying attention to the desires themselves:

they should be formulated in a positive way without negative particles; desire should be intelligible and achievable; desires are recorded in the present tense; each dream should be its own – it is impossible to wish for outsiders; you can’t wish trouble for anyone.

Devalo is not limited to creating a lust card: it must be activated. To do this, you can make a simple desire, place it in the desired sector and quickly execute. For example, wish yourself a delicious dinner and order it right there.

The card is placed in a conspicuous place so that it can be seen for a century. It is periodically considered, repeating out loud or silently desires, tuning in to another victory and pronouncing positive affirmations.

incorrectly selected images or incorrectly formulated dream; desire does not cause positive emotions and can be lent from the outside, and not your own; the desire cannot be fulfilled (the goldfish is unlikely to get stuck on the hook); not all sectors are filled; the lust card for 2021 is not activated; there is no readiness for changes and for active work on the attraction of the desired into life.

A wish map is a great way to motivate you to succeed, and creating it helps release dormant energy that will help you achieve the bottom line that will bring happiness and prosperity.

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