Nov 23, 2022
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A man whose name is constantly misspelled barked at an official

a man barked at an officialShrikant Kumar Datta was tired of the fact that his name seemed to the officials somehow unusually difficult to spell.

a man barked at an official

A resident of West Bengal received a ration card and noticed with displeasure that instead of the name “Dutta”, the word “Kutta”, which is translated from Hindi as “dog”, flaunts on the certificate. At first, Shrikant was not particularly offended and returned the card to be redone, but the new document came out with the same error. The man applied to the authorities three times to correct his identity, but each time he saw the word “Kutta”.

a man barked at an official

Angry at being called a dog all the time, Shrikant staged an unusual protest. Having ambushed a government official, he ran after his car, looking out the window and barking at the offender (as befits a dog). Of course, such a protest attracted a lot of attention. I would like to believe that the matter will not be limited to attention, and the barking of the hero of this story will bring useful results.

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