Aug 2, 2022
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A man wanted to remove a gull chick from his garden, but was attacked by adult birds

Seagulls attacked a manAfter seeing a gull chick in his garden, 78-year-old Kenny Essen decided to remove the little bird by gently tossing it over a fence.

Seagulls attacked a man

But the adult birds decided that the resident of Aberdeen (Scotland) posed a serious threat to their offspring, and therefore attacked the grandfather.

Seagulls attacked a man

The pensioner remembers a strong blow – one of the seagulls dived on him, tearing the man’s face. It didn’t even hurt too much, but there was a lot of blood shed. In the next moment, grandfather noticed the second bird, but managed to duck down. He is afraid to imagine what would happen if both seagulls attacked at the same time.

Seagulls attacked a man

Kenny didn’t need stitches or even a trip to the hospital. It was enough just to wash the wounds.

Seagulls attacked a man

Now the pensioner is calming down after the experienced bird terror, and representatives of the Royal Society for the Protection of Animals said that the hero of this story made a big mistake. Don’t touch gull chicks unless they are injured.

Grandmother does not mind looking after her grandson if she gets paid for it


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