Nov 22, 2021
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A man saved the life of a young man who choked on a chicken sandwich

young man choked on a sandwichA resident of San Prairie (Wisconsin, USA) did not hesitate too long when he saw that a misfortune had happened to a certain young man.

young man choked on a sandwich

The incident was filmed by a security camera in one of the local bars. The young man ate a chicken sandwich with gusto and choked. It seems that the stranger was very bad, but Joseph Reinhart came to his aid.

young man choked on a sandwich

It is surprising that a man does not have any special training, but at one time he learned how to perform the Heimlich technique – it was this action that became salutary. It is reported that the young man is all right, and the near misfortune did not even make him stop loving chicken sandwiches.

The dinner man did not appreciate the addition to rice in the form of a diaper

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