Apr 27, 2022
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A major provocation against Russia is being prepared on the legal front

The main bomb is being planted at the International Criminal Court

Provocations against Russia are being prepared not only by the Ukrainian-NATO military, but also by “international” legal bodies.

Recall that Ukraine has filed lawsuits against Russia in a number of international courts. The most famous are the complaints to the International Court of Justice (in the case of alleged violation of the Financing of Terrorism Convention and in the case of alleged violation of the Genocide Convention). There are seven interstate claims of Ukraine against Russia in the European Court of Human Rights. Including the latest lawsuit filed in connection with “aggression”.

Many believe that Russia’s withdrawal from the Council of Europe (CE) automatically removed these lawsuits from the agenda, but this is not the case. Our withdrawal from the CE and, accordingly, from the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) has a time limit. Formally, Russia has not been bound by legal obligations with the ECHR only since September this year. d. Until that time, the Court will accept complaints, and most importantly, consider them later! And it can take years! However, Russia can interfere with this. As soon as there is a formal withdrawal from the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, we can terminate all our obligations to the Court. Especially against the background of the unprecedented decision of the CE to expel Russia from the CE after (!) our withdrawal from this organization.

We emphasize: it is not these lawsuits and not the decisions of the courts on them that will become a legal PROVOCATION. The main bomb is being prepared at the International Criminal Court (ICC). The ICC, without even having jurisdiction over Russia, is…preparing to oppose Russia.

In the very first hours of the Russian SVO, the chief prosecutor of the ICC, Karim Khan, announced the start of preparations for a provocation. He acknowledged that the ICC has no jurisdiction over not only Russia, but also over the situation in Ukraine with the start of the NWO. It seems that the situation in Ukraine has been under consideration by the ICC for a long time, but this is the situation regarding the “annexation” of Crimea and the “separatism” of the LNR/DNR. The Ukrainian authorities referred only these issues to the ICC, but the ICC Statute has not yet been signed! And if so, the ICC prosecutor does not have jurisdiction to investigate the current situation in Ukraine. This forced Karim Khan to take an unprecedented step: to call on the countries participating in the ICC Statute to refer the situation in Ukraine to the Prosecutor of the Court!

And the orgy began. The very next day, 38 states, led by Britain, appealed to the ICC prosecutor with a demand to start an investigation into “Russia’s crimes.” We pay special attention to the fact that Estonia, Lithuania and other Liechtensteins sent their appeals to the ICC “led” by Britain.

The ICC prosecutor, although listed as an independent, is a British citizen. And in his actions he is guided by the actions of the government of his country. Moreover, the ICC prosecutor appointed a former ICC judge, again a Brit, as his “adviser on Ukraine”! The Anglo-Saxon “jet” in the provocation of the ICC is really sticking out.

Having thus received a mandate for an “urgent investigation”, Karim Khan arrived in Ukraine, where he spent the last days, meeting with the president and other representatives of the Kyiv authorities.

The fact that the mission of Karim Khan is unclean is evidenced by the facts. There is a complete lack of interest on the part of both the ICC prosecutor and the chief prosecutor of Ukraine in the crimes of the Kyiv authorities over the past 8 years.

A new round of the ICC’s provocation was Karim Khan’s action to join his office to another, parallel special operation conducted by the European Union, more precisely, the Eurojust program. Under the umbrella of Eurojust, three prosecutors general from Poland, Ukraine and Lithuania have organized a joint investigation team that is gathering evidence of Russia’s alleged war crimes. And Karim Khan provides cover for EU intervention in Ukraine.

Among other attempts to conduct an investigation on the territory of Ukraine, one should mention a certain commission of inquiry created by the UN Human Rights Council. The Human Rights Council (HRC) suspended Russia’s membership, that is, recognized Russia as a violator without conducting any investigation. How “independent and impartial” this commission is can be judged by its mandate and composition. First, the commission’s mandate is not to collect facts of human rights violations by all parties to the armed conflict, but only violations by the Russian Federation. Secondly, the commission included representatives of the very states that voted for the termination of Russia’s membership in the HRC, namely: Norway, Colombia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. To call this commission independent and impartial is ridiculous. The UN General Assembly included 58 states that abstained from voting (plus several dozen states that did not vote at all), but the commission did not include a representative of any of them. The “independent and impartial” former head of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) E. Mose headed. We still have the opinion that the ICTR was a harmless judicial institution, but this is not at all true. The ICTR committed no less heinous crimes against the population of Rwanda than the ICTY against the population of the former Yugoslavia. And the head of the Tribunal for Rwanda is an experienced staff in conducting international legal special operations to shift the blame from the perpetrator to the victim (this was the main task of both the ICTY and the ICTR).

By the way, the unity of the idea that the ICTY and the ICTR hatched is clearly seen in the fact that these tribunals had a single prosecutor. Carla del Ponte, better known as the chief prosecutor of the ICTY, simultaneously served as the chief prosecutor of the ICTR. A few weeks ago, she said that Russia was committing war crimes in Ukraine. In the best tradition of international “independent and impartial” tribunals – without an investigation…

Now we are witnessing an acceleration of the process of “machine-gun” tactics of a legal war against Russia, when many attacking centers are simultaneously created both within the framework of official procedures and completely illegitimate ones. The main blow of the collective West is planned at the International Criminal Court. And an attempt to legitimize the activities of the ICC against Russia will be precisely a provocation.

Top photo: Enthusiastic Attorney Generals of Poland, Ukraine and Lithuania in front of Karim Khan, who consecrated their meeting.

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