Nov 7, 2022
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A lover of fake tan does not stain the sheets thanks to talcum powder

artificial tan and talcLike many people who love fake tan, Abigail Parkinson knows that all these lotions have one significant drawback.

artificial tan and talc

After applying makeup to the skin and going to bed, people run the risk of seeing sheets in the morning that have become brown, red or dyed in other unacceptable shades. But Abigail figured out how to protect the bed linen and not stain it with lotions.

artificial tan and talc

It turns out that you just need to smear yourself with the right product, wait 20 minutes and sprinkle the skin with talcum powder. After that, no sheet will not tarnish and will remain clean, as it should be. Fans of fake tan not only thank the lady for her advice, but also complain that they did not know about the wonderful properties of talc before. Then on their account there would not be so many ruined sheets.

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