Sep 22, 2022
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A look at aging from “Benjamin Button”: How did his ex-girlfriends influence Brad Pitt?

Probably, Brad Pitt is already tired of being the hero of action films, melodramas and mystical thrillers, and he decided to do something more serious.

A look at aging from

A few years ago, Pitt, along with his ex-wife Angelina Jolie, were engaged in winemaking. The other day, the 58-year-old actor has already appeared as a sculptor at an exhibition in Finland. And now the Hollywood star offers her fans anti-aging cosmetics from her new brand “Le Domaine”.

A look at aging from

Four products have already been released, ranging in price from an $80 cleansing emulsion to an expensive $385 serum.

A look at aging from

The network is laughing that Brad Pitt has already mastered the art of aging backwards on the big screen, playing one of his most memorable roles, Benjamin Button, and decided to help others in this difficult task – the fight against age.

Although the actor himself insists that he “does not want to run away from old age.” And he claims that the idea of ​​anti-aging is a “ridiculous fairy tale.”

A look at aging from

“But what is real is taking care of your skin from a health standpoint. I grew up with a rural mentality, as you know: soap once a day – and free. And I think that if we love ourselves, if we treat ourselves a little better, then there are long-term benefits. So just age healthy, age healthy,” Pitt concluded.

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