Oct 2, 2021
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A lone tank overcame a river and mud: Poland is working on a war scenario

A lone tank overcame a river and mud as part of the Lynx 21 Polish exercise. The corresponding video has spread on the web. Thus, the country is working on a scenario of a war against Belarus, one of the Telegram channels noted.

Telegram channels distributed a video of military exercises in Poland.

The footage shows a tank crossing the river. The combat vehicle enters the water so that only the cannon and the tower remain above the surface.

Having overcome the reservoir, the tank finds itself on the opposite bank and continues to move forward along the muddy soil soaked from water.

These maneuvers are carried out by the Polish ground forces. The purpose of the exercise, according to one of the resources, is to calculate the actions in the event of a direct combat encounter.

They are working on a scenario of a possible war against Belarus,

– indicates the “FRESH” Telegram channel.

The Lynx 21 maneuvers began in the eastern part of the republic on September 10. The head of the country’s Ministry of National Defense, Mariusz Blaschak, then said that the holding of these events was associated with the joint exercises of Russia and Belarus “West-2021”.

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