Sep 18, 2022
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A lady from a parallel world, descended from a Russian German

Dressed up in the colors of the Ukrainian flag…

The West and Russia are in opposition, and this is why the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, is “in trend”. The mother of seven children radiates unprecedented energy, speaks with edifications, recommends, gives advice. From some of its passages, a murmur rises among Europeans. So, she recently stated in the European Parliament that now is not the time to “put up” with Russia, although the economies of many EU countries are reeling due to sanctions against Moscow.

Von der Leyen assures that the measures of “punishment” of Russia turned out to be the most severe that the world has ever seen. Like, the whole continent has risen to show solidarity with Ukraine: “We have once again shown our inner strength.”

Von der Leyen loudly admires the Zelensky couple and Ukraine, although there are more and more reproaches for this against her. Bundestag MP from the Left Party Sarah Wagenknecht says: “I am not convinced that we will end this war a day early if we destroy our own economy”. Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, member of the French National Assembly, says the same thing: “It is necessary to lift sanctions against Russia. If we do not make peace, the French will experience economic tragedy. We are killing Europe!

Von der Leyen does not hear. She insists that Russia is to blame for all the troubles in Europe.

… It is not known whether Ursula von der Leyen favors her ancestors, but she descended from a Russian German – a Bremen cotton merchant, Baron Ludwig Knop, who came to Russia in 1839 as a traveling salesman. He got used to it, learned the Russian language and, they say, “became a favorite conversationalist” of the Moscow nobility. Knop received the monopoly right to supply Russia with Platt Brothers spinning and weaving machines and Hick Hargraves steam engines. His main customer was Savva Morozov, on which Ursula’s ancestor got rich. One of Knop’s daughters, Louise-Dorothea-Betty, married a member of the noble Albrecht family, who made a fortune in the cotton trade, and their son Ernest Albrecht, a CDU/CSU activist and Prime Minister of Lower Saxony, became the father of the current President of the European Commission.

Self-confident Ursula briskly walked up the career ladder: she was a member of the Lower Saxony Parliament, headed the Land Ministry for Social Affairs, Women, Family and Health Affairs, then became the Federal Minister for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, then moved to the chair of the Minister of Labor and social affairs. Angela Merkel favored her.

However, the appointment of von der Leyen as Minister of Defense under Chancellor Merkel looked strange: Ursula understands military affairs, as befits a gynecologist (this is her education). In the Bundeswehr, there is a whole collection of indecent jokes on this subject.

Incompetence hit her sideways: she was tacitly recognized as one of the worst heads of the defense department in the history of Germany. She even went through the case of inefficient spending of budget funds, failures of new projects in the defense sector. However, von der Leyen was “dismissed” …

However, once Merkel snapped at her girlfriend Ursula. This was in March 2019, after the Minister of Defense proposed sending German aircraft and navy to the Russian coast. “You talk like children! the Chancellor remarked to her. – You proceed from the fact that Putin will do nothing and will watch how we parade in the Kerch Strait. And if he does the same thing with our ships that he already did once with the Ukrainian ones? Are you suggesting Germany to fight, Madam Minister?

As a result, Ursula handed over the portfolio of the Ministry of Defense to another woman – Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. However, she did this only when she took the post of President of the European Commission.

Now von der Leyen regularly attacks Russia. It directs all its efforts to military and economic assistance to Ukraine, which is promised membership in the European Union. The other day she visited Kyiv, dressed up in the colors of the Ukrainian flag – a yellow blouse and a blue jacket. “The admission process is in full swing. The speed, determination and precision with which you are moving forward is impressive.”she praised Zelensky.

The comic president was overjoyed. His smile sparkled even more when the guest announced that the European Commission would soon allocate a second tranche of financial assistance to Ukraine in the amount of five billion euros out of a total of nine billion. And in Kyiv, von der Leyen was treated to a symbolic dish – several slices of watermelon and a note indicating that this was brought from a “de-occupied” settlement in the Kherson region.

As Minister of Defense, von der Leyen threw money aimlessly down the drain. And they assume that as chairman of the European Commission, her spending will exceed all limits, just to satisfy the actor in the city on the Dnieper.

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