Aug 16, 2022
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A kick in the jaw with a foot will quickly make the US change its mind: Beijing will not stand on ceremony with Washington

A kick in the jaw with a foot will quickly make the US change its mind: Beijing will not stand on ceremony with Washington

Photo: Kurt Amthor/ Look Press

The US ruling circles are trying to split the Chinese society, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (XUAR) of the PRC has become another point of influence. The products of enterprises from this region fell under a ban on imports into the United States, but the Yankees, apparently, will not stop there. There are all indications that Washington has a desire to repeat the 1991 scenario with the USSR.

According to Bloomberg, U.S. customs “detained” components for the production of solar panels produced in Xinjiang. The US authorities began to apply a new document, however, not so new.

December 23, 2021 Joe Biden signed the law “On the Prevention of Forced Labor of Uyghurs in XUAR”, which imposes restrictions on the import of goods from the region, and also provides for “sanctions” against individuals and organizations.

It is curious that the document was not signed until June 21, 2022, it was, as it were, but did not enter into force. And so, in the midst of the crisis around Taiwan, the American president finally “waved” the piece of paper.

That immediately caused discontent in Beijing.

“China protests the US and will vigorously defend the legitimate interests of its businesses and citizens. The so-called forced labor in Xinjiang was originally a blatant lie concocted by anti-Chinese forces to denigrate the PRC. The US tried to use the so-called legal form to artificially create involuntary unemployment in Xinjiang. This fully exposed the hegemonic essence of the States, which, under the guise of human rights, violate human rights,” said the official representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry. Wang Wenbin.

In fact, there is open interference in the internal affairs of another state, and brazen one at that. With completely unambiguous goals, namely “to incite”, in this case – national strife. Indeed, in the event that products from the XUAR are not in demand, unemployment may begin there and, as a result, “an increase in social tension”. Especially if you help it.

Attempts to promote the Uyghur theme were made earlier by staff members, but they did not have much success. The economy in the autonomous region is developing at an accelerated pace, the people are busy, therefore people are not up to stupid things. Somehow it was not possible to inflate the flame of nationalism, and therefore they decided to hit the industry. So that later, if possible, to return to the “national question”.

For someone, it will probably be a discovery that no such average “Chinese” exists. There are a lot of different peoples, and even, as it were, the main “Han people” are also not a monoethnos. Everything is complicated, even more complicated than in the Russian Federation.

And in the Uighur region it is even more difficult. There are no single “Uyghurs” as such either, there are yellow Uyghurs – they are also Mongols – and there are white ones, who are not at all different from us. There is also a people of the Turkic type – also, as it were, Uighurs – plus a bunch of all sorts of other nationalities. Including Kazakhs, Kirghiz, Manchus, Mongols, and so on.

The edge is very mysterious. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the founder of the genre of mystical fiction, an American Abraham Merritt wrote the novel “Inhabitants of the Mirage”, in which the ancient “true Uighurs” appeared – fair-haired blue-eyed tall people of the Nordic type. The information is true, the science fiction writer did not lie here. There are still such people there, but they are few, although European faces are often found in the region. What it was, when and why – to understand historians and ethnographers. Now it is the territory of the People’s Republic of China.

Curiously, at the beginning of 1941, the Uighurs asked to come to the USSR, but they were refused. Our country knew about the Barbarossa plan from its very appearance, that is, from December 1940, that is, it was somehow not before. And then the Soviet Union helped Mao Zedongand soon XUAR was formed as part of the PRC.

The Yankees did not limit themselves to the arrest of Chinese property; personal sanctions were also introduced against representatives of the district administration.

This organization and officials are sanctioned for their involvement in serious violations of the rights of ethnic minorities in Xinjiang, which reportedly include massive arbitrary detentions and severe physical abuse, among other serious abuses against the Uighurs, a Turkic Muslim population indigenous to Xinjiang. , and other ethnic minorities in the region,” the State Department said.

At the expense of the native Turks, this is, of course, strong, and it seems that other Uyghurs in Washington are not even known. But in general, everything is as always. It remains to add here the rights of sexual minorities, but with those in the XUAR, apparently, tension. Yes, and there are indeed enough Muslims, but they are somehow very unfriendly to pederasts and other perverts. And in all countries of the world.

How Beijing will respond to such an unfriendly step is not yet clear, but it is a fact. While the Americans themselves began to suffer, The Wall Street Journal has already reported that solar panel manufacturers in the United States began to experience difficulties due to the implementation of this law. And what other goods will fall under the “sanctions” is unclear. Plus, the Chinese themselves can block something, so that Washington also becomes thoughtful. If there is anything.

Judging by the situation around Taiwan, the United States bit the bit and completely believed in their impunity. The launch of the Uighur project suggests that Washington has finally lost its shores and is ready for any aggravation of international tension. Unfortunately, there are reasons for optimism among staff members, the special operation in Ukraine has clearly stalled, and the Americans have a hope that something similar will happen with China.

After Nancy Pelosina a delegation of representatives of the Congress arrived in Taiwan, five people from the ruling Democratic Party. The Yankees met with the president of the enclave and again promised to help him. A visit of representatives of the European Parliament is also being prepared. In response, China will hold military exercises near the island.

“The main problem of American politicians is precisely the absolute misunderstanding of China’s policy. The quality of the understanding of China by the United States is rather low, with rare exceptions. Including US senators – not great experts on China. It seems to them that they can do the same with China as, for example, with Russia. That is, constantly surround with sanctions, and China will remain silent. And if he does not remain silent, then he will start a war with Taiwan. But China is structured differently and responds differently. Beijing does not need any local victory over Taiwan, it needs a global victory over the United States, ”says the director of the Institute of Asian and African Studies at Moscow State University Alexey Maslov.

A global victory, in the first place, could be the rejection of the US dollar. Yes, America is still the main market for the PRC, and the Chinese hold the second largest block of US government bonds. But there are nuances here. Firstly, the main market is 17% of China’s exports, a lot, but not at all critical. Moreover, there are a number of positions that the Americans will still buy, since there are no options. The situation described above with components for solar panels is an example of this. Therefore, if the Celestial Empire manages to make a revolution in world finance, then the staff members will have to look for yuan. They’ll find it, there’s nowhere to go.

As for the national debt, the Chinese will still not be able to dump all American treasuries, and they understand this. Yes, they are slowly getting rid of securities, but there are too many of them on the country’s balance sheet. And something obviously has to be sacrificed.

Predicting the further development of the situation is a thankless task, we also do not really know China. But the answer is definitely. The Yankees are trying to impose on the Celestial Empire from all sides, and the country’s leadership there is quite decisive, it’s nice to see.

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