Sep 8, 2022
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A gourmet showed how to cook a delicious breakfast in an air grill

delicious breakfast in air fryerA man named Paul works as a hairdresser, but recently he surprised Internet users not at all with the intricacies of his profession.

delicious breakfast in air fryer

Paul showed how easy and simple it is to cook a delicious breakfast in an air fryer. The craftsman needed bread, bacon and an egg. To begin with, he spread the pieces of bacon around the edges of the bread, and then carefully broke the egg into the middle of the future sandwich. To prevent the egg from spreading too much, the gourmet slightly pressed down the middle of the bread slice, making a recess. After that, it was enough to put the bread with fillings in the air grill, and a little later enjoy a wonderful sandwich on crispy bread.

delicious breakfast in air fryer

Paul’s advice appealed to everyone who is partial to delicious and nutritious breakfasts. Some people said that they don’t actually have an air grill, but after admiring our hero’s snack, they began to think about buying a useful kitchen unit.

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