Jan 4, 2022
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A good night’s sleep reduces the risk of obesity in children

A good night's sleep reduces the risk of obesity in children

Recently, it has become very difficult to put the child to bed on time. Children almost never part with smartphones, tablets and computers, they are constantly carried away by a huge amount of entertainment.

The blinking of these devices sends a signal to the brain that it is too early to sleep, and the baby continues to be active, instead of falling asleep and gaining strength for the next day.

Sleep is a special form of the organism’s existence, no less complex than daytime wakefulness. During the correct course of sleep, the strength spent on daytime activities is restored.

That is why a healthy person wakes up with a feeling of freshness and vigor.

Children who go to bed early and sleep at least 10 hours a day develop obesity 50% less often than their peers who go to bed late and do not get enough sleep on a regular basis.

The earlier the child goes to bed and the longer he sleeps at night, the lower the risk that he may develop obesity in the future.

Early bedtime has a real impact on a child’s health.

Studies have shown that growth hormone is produced in the body 1.5-3 hours after falling asleep (during the deep sleep phase).

The best time to release this hormone is at midnight. That is, if a child goes to bed later than 9:00 pm, the production of growth hormone is disrupted in his body and the amount of time during which it performs its function decreases.

Accordingly, the processes of tissue growth and muscle recovery deteriorate.

In addition, falling asleep late can lead to a decrease in the physical activity of the baby or, conversely, to hyperactivity, because psychological stability is disturbed.

The influence of late falling asleep on the development of obesity, according to experts, is much greater than overeating.

All unanimously say that obesity develops with overeating and a sedentary lifestyle of a child. Of course, these factors affect the development of excess weight, but they are not the main ones.

The most important factor is the child’s proper sleep. If children go to bed early and sleep through the night, they will most likely never get obese.

According to the recommendations of doctors, children aged 6 to 12 years should sleep from ten to twelve hours, and children over 13 years old should sleep at least nine hours.

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