Sep 21, 2022
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A ghostly fox walked across the lawn and scared the landlady

ghost fox on the lawnA resident of Netherton (Merseyside, England) has made it a habit to regularly view night-time footage from an outdoor security camera, as there have been several burglaries in the area recently.

ghost fox on the lawn

But the landlady named Trisha was not ready for the fact that she would admire not at all suspicious criminal activity, but at a spectacle that she mistook for the paranormal. It seems that one night a ghostly fox walked along the lawn near Trisha’s house, which then simply disappeared.

ghost fox on the lawn

The woman added that foxes often come to her house, but they certainly don’t look like people from the other world, but the most ordinary ones. And although Trisha admits that some kind of technical failure of the camera could be the reason for the appearance of a strange fox, she is still a little scared.

Girls who rolled down the hill did not suspect that they had a ghostly company

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