Jun 22, 2022
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A friend who is not going to lose weight for the wedding upset the bride

girlfriend lost weight for the weddingThis bride approached the preparations for the wedding in advance, but even this did not save her from surprises, which she considers very unpleasant.

girlfriend lost weight for the wedding

A few months ago, a lady went shopping with her friends to pick out dresses for the bridesmaids. A group of friends opted for beautiful outfits of a certain style, but alas, the dress did not fit one woman (it turned out to be small). The issue with the purchase could be removed from the agenda, but a friend said that she was still going to lose weight by a significant date, so in a few months she would put herself in order and fit into a dress. So, the bride bought the outfits that everyone liked so much, but now the wedding is getting closer, and our heroine sees with chagrin that her friend is not losing weight at all. It seems that the lady even became even more than she was. Now the bride is asking social media users what to do.

girlfriend lost weight for the wedding

People are sure that one should not ask for advice or complain, but act. First things first, you should talk frankly with a friend and find out her plans for losing weight. You also need to think about spare options with a dress, if suddenly the purchased one does not fit. By the way, there were many commentators who accused the bride of being to blame for humiliating her friend. The poor woman went shopping with skinny friends, so she had no choice and had to make promises that she would lose weight. However, the bride does not pay attention to such reproaches, believing that the imaginary humiliation of an overweight lady is not the main problem in this situation.

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