May 15, 2020
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A friend told me how Meghan Markle was at 18

Знакомый рассказал, какой была Меган Маркл в 18 лет

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry decided to leave the British royal family, abandoning their duties as senior members of the royal family. After that, more and more previously unknown facts from the biography began to appear about Meghan Markle. Now Markle 38 years, she is a mother, and her film career is left behind. Megan now focuses primarily on her family, but at one time she was a pretty bright girl who attracted the attention of all the guys around her.

This was told by classmate Meghan Markle, who knew her when the future duchess was 18 years. A man named Nema Wand said in an interview that Megan sincerely enjoyed her popularity among the guys. Megan - the man continues - has always behaved as an adult solid woman should, despite her young age. And once Vand even became a victim of Megan - she tricked him with a kiss.

“Suddenly Megan came up to me and, what shocked me, calmly sat on my knees. Then she told me: “You are so beautiful!” And she said these words in my native language - Farsi. I asked her: “Do you know Farsi?” And she replied: "For your sake, I’m ready to learn it!" Then she brought her face closer to mine, and I was getting ready for a kiss, when suddenly she jumped up, laughed and ran away, ”the man quotes the words“ 7 days. ”

Also, classmate Megan recalls: Markle at one time did not treat another acquaintance very well. She met with another guy, but when she gained wide popularity thanks to the filming, she simply began to ignore him.

Recall Meghan Markle can publish entries in her personal diary.

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