Jan 27, 2021
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A friend of Ivan Telegin said that Pelageya hired a detective to find the hockey player’s money

16:20, 01/27/2021

The former spouses continue to divide the property.

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Pelageya and Ivan Telegin filed for an official divorce in December last year. The meeting on divorce was held in the capital’s court. At the same time, the singer’s lawyer noted that his client was glad that the protracted divorce was finally completed. However, even after the separation of the spouses, new details of their private life continue to appear.

After the divorce, Pelageya and Ivan began to divide property, as well as resolve the issue of alimony for their daughter Taisii… The issue with the girl’s payments has already been closed, but the division of real estate continues. So, the hockey player’s friend said that Telegin had already given his ex-wife an apartment in the elite complex “Kutuzovskaya Riviera” and half of the money from the sold elite foreign car. Now the question of a country house, which is located in New Riga, is being resolved. His spouses took out a mortgage. The hockey player is currently paying a loan for him, and he also took on all the costs of maintaining the house. “Plus, Vanya pays the salary to his daughter’s nanny. But Pelageya put forward new conditions. She asked Ivan to buy a car for her daughter, ”said a friend of the athlete.

Ivan Telegin with his daughter

According to Telegin’s friends, Pelageya still cannot come to terms with the fact that her husband is happy in a new relationship with Maria Gonchar. According to the singer, the new lover is looking for only benefit in this novel. “Pelageya is sure that Masha was sent by Ivan’s friends who need his millions. Although Masha is from a wealthy family, her parents are one of the richest people in Nizhnevartovsk, ”said Telegin’s friend.

An acquaintance of the hockey player noted that Pelageya accused Ivan of financial fraud. Moreover, the mother of the actress allegedly hired detectives to find the hidden “millions” of the athlete. “Such rumors, in any case, circulated in the sports community. Pelageya suspects that Ivan transferred part of the assets to his friends. They were even summoned to court with questions. Thus, Pelageya continues to search for Telegin’s allegedly hidden assets, which she spent on herself during the marriage, ”explained Telegin’s acquaintance. At the same time, according to the hockey player’s girlfriend, Pelageya herself, during her life with her husband, transferred all her fees to her mother.

Pelageya and Ivan Telegin

A friend of the athlete noted that one of the reasons for the breakup of the couple was the strong-willed nature of Pelageya. Allegedly Telegin was tired of this and found peace in the soft and kind Mary. “In fact, Ivan her (to Pelageya. – Prim. line.) loved her very much, she was just very domineering, at some point it became hard with her under the same roof. And, apparently, these family feuds, even after the divorce, will not subside soon, since in the fight for millions, Pelageya, most likely, may well blackmail Vanya by communicating with her daughter, “the athlete’s friend concluded in a conversation with KP.

Pelageya herself does not comment on the accusations. Now the artist is resting with her daughter at the resort. In his microblog on Instagram, the star shares footage from the vacation.

Pelageya with her daughter

Note that if Telegin quickly arranged his personal life, then Pelageya plunged headlong into the work and upbringing of her daughter. Moreover, after parting with her husband, the singer faced unjustified criticism about the divorce. According to the star, someone organized a persecution on her. In addition, due to stress, the artist lost her voice. The star even had to undergo rehabilitation procedures under the supervision of doctors.

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