May 28, 2022
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A friend of Irina Allegrova revealed her unpleasant secret


70-year-old singer Irina Allegrova has been appearing on stage with lush blond hair for many years now.

The audience will recognize Irina Allegrova not only by her camisole, in which she splendidly performs the hit “Crazy Empress”, but also by her thick hair. But, as it turned out, the artist has big problems with the latter.

In fact, the singer has been wearing wigs for many years, under which she hides the remains of her own hair. The ugly secret of the star was revealed by her formerly close friend, Alexander Bogdanovich.

Irina Allegrova
Irina Allegrova

The musician said that at one time the performer suffered from the unprofessionalism of the hairdresser, who overdid it with turning her into a blonde and overexposed the solution on the head of a celebrity. As a result, Irina almost completely lost her natural hair, and she had to hide thinning hair under wigs.

At the same time, the unpleasant incident did not in the least affect Allegrova’s popularity. “Her excellent data help her in this – an amazing voice, a gorgeous body, a bust and, of course, good wigs that suit her very much.”, – it is not clear for what purpose Bogdanovich launched into revelations with the publication “Interlocutor”. It is unlikely that the 70-year-old artist will be grateful to him for this, although the information is not new.

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