Jan 14, 2022
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A friend angered the bride by cutting her hair on the eve of the wedding

haircut before weddingIt is not always easy to radically change the image, but the heroine of this story is faced with very unexpected troubles.

haircut before wedding

The woman decided to part with her long hair and made a short haircut. Satisfied with the result, she sent a selfie to her friends, but alas, one friend did not appreciate the change in image. And this is the same friend at whose wedding our heroine will soon be a bridesmaid. The angry lady said that her friend ruined the upcoming wedding, as she violated the “wedding aesthetics” – it turns out that all the girlfriends were supposed to have long hair.

haircut before wedding

It is not known how the conflict between friends will be resolved, but social network users advise our heroine not to be tormented by pangs of conscience. If the bride wanted the bridesmaids to have the same hair, then this should have been warned in advance. Other people are completely perplexed – what kind of “wedding aesthetics” can we even talk about? Guests are invited to the wedding to show how important they are to future spouses, and not at all so that all the invitees combine with each other in appearance.

The stylist touched her kindness to a student losing her hair due to chemotherapy

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