Sep 9, 2022
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A fragrant lip balm helps the teacher maintain discipline in the classroom

teacher with lip balmMany school teachers know that maintaining good student behavior in the classroom can be a daunting task.

teacher with lip balm

But this teacher figured out how to reward the kids for good behavior, and now she has no problems with discipline. The lady found out that for some reason the children are very fond of the “fragrant dots” that the teacher leaves on their hands, touching the skin with fragrant lip balm. Everyone who behaves well gets their “point” in the form of a reward. Plus, there is intrigue, because the teacher has a lot of different balms, so none of the students can predict what deliciousness the “awarded hand” will smell like.

teacher with lip balm

The woman added that she consulted with the parents of all her little wards to make sure that none of the moms and dads are against the unusual practice. In addition, the teacher found out that none of the children have allergies. So her way of maintaining discipline was recognized by many as safe, and original, and very funny.

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