Dec 29, 2020
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A flurry of criticism fell on the singer Alsou for the method of treating the child

A flurry of criticism fell on the singer Alsou for the method of treating the child

Singer Alsou gave advice to Lera Kudryavtseva how to treat her daughter, but this method caused a storm of indignation.

On New Year’s Eve, Lera Kudryavtseva’s daughter Maria fell ill. The girl, whom the TV presenter gave birth to in a marriage with hockey player Igor Makarov, had a fever. The celebrity followed the example of other stellar mothers and immediately complained about what had happened on Instagram, asking subscribers for advice on how to help Masha. “38.5 at Mashuli. Girls, share how you treat babies?“- Kudryavtsev turned to the followers.

One of the first to respond to Lera’s post was the singer Alsou, who is raising three children. The artist recommended that the host of “The Secret to a Million” use homeopathy. “Aconitum and belladonna from temperature, phytollaka from throatsa, ”she wrote.

Alsou -
Alsou –

Whether Kudryavtseva took Alsou’s advice, no one ever found out, because the singer’s comment caused a real storm among Internet users. The audience was immediately divided into two camps: those who agree with Alsou and also use similar therapy, and those who consider homeopathy to be quackery. Moreover, the representatives of the latter group turned out to be many times more, and they unleashed a wave of criticism on the pop star.

Then you can expect emotional outbursts from belladonna “,” Homeopathy is bullshit, the best good doctor and correctly prescribed treatment “,” Homeopathy is obscurantism! “,” Lord, what a belladonna! ” Lerochka, only doctor’s prescriptions … “,” Belladonna, she’s a belladonna, contains the poisonous substance atropine, choliceric, causes confusion, increased aggression, insanity! “,” If a child has an acute condition, what kind of belladona! ” – pounced on Alsou on the social network.

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