Feb 19, 2021
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A fairy tale for Karatsev. How a Russian tennis player rewrote the history of the tournament

Let’s be honest, before the tournament in Melbourne, none of us knew about Aslana Karatseva… At least to the extent that they are talking and writing about him now. The 27-year-old Ossetian created a real world-class sensation by reaching the semi-finals of the Grand Slam tournament on the first try! Only the best tennis player in the world could stop him Novak Djokovic

What records did Karatsev rewrite

Here are Karacev’s records and achievements at the Australian Open:

  • The first Grand Slam debutant who managed to reach the semifinals of the tournament.
  • First tennis player since 2000 to qualify for the semi-finals of a Grand Slam tournament.
  • The lowest-rated player to have reached the Australian Open semi-finals since 1991 and in Grand Slam since 2001.
  • In one tournament, the Australian Open has more than doubled its rating: from 114th place, Aslan will immediately rise to 42nd position. A year ago, Karatsev was ranked 263 in the tennis player rating.

  • In one Australian Open tournament, Karatsev earned 663 thousand dollars. And for the entire adult career since 2009 – 618 thousand, which is 45 thousand less. An incredible achievement!

Before the semifinal match, Novak Djokovic said about his opponent:

“To be honest, I hadn’t seen him at all before the Australian Open. But, of course, I saw it during the Australian Open. A very strong guy, physically very strong. Moves well, powerful from the back line. Excellent backhand – Russian tennis school, they always have good backhand. Serves great. Motivated, he has nothing to lose. “

There is a great respect for the tennis player, which he himself learned about at the tournament and with whom he has never played. If Djokovic himself praises, then what else can we talk about … At the end of the match, in which the first racket of the world was stronger in three sets – 6: 3, 6: 4, 6: 2, the Serb once again paid tribute to the Russian: “We need to applaud him. Huge congratulations. On his debut Helmet, he reached the semifinals. In my opinion, this has never happened in the history of tennis. He is great, he had a great tournament. “

By the way, one more little touch to the game of Karatsev against Djokovic. Initially, it was clear that Novak is not only the favorite of the semifinals, but of the entire tournament, which he has won eight (!) Times in his career. Now – one step away from taking the main trophy for the ninth time. But how hard it was for him to play some rallies, after winning which, in an unusual manner for himself, he emotionally shouted at the entire stadium. This also says a lot.

Here is what Karatsev himself said about his fairy tale on the air of Eurosport:

“An incredible feeling. This is my first time at a Grand Slam tournament and made it to the semifinals. If I had been told before the start of the tournament that this would happen, I would have just smiled. This is a surprise for me. Of course, I have always worked very hard, but I didn’t succeed. “

Tarpishchev: “Aslan will go to the Olympics”

Delighted with the performance of Aslan Karatsev at the AO and the President of the Russian Tennis Federation Shamil Tarpishchev… In his opinion, with his victories, Karatsev earned the right to go to the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo.

“We are all just crazy about its results,” Tarpischev told RG. – In general, it was unexpected for everyone how far Karatsev had gone. He was injured for several years. But in the quarterfinals of the Australian Open, he played beyond praise. A tennis player who qualifies for the first time and makes his way to the semifinals is experiencing a very great nervous stress.

I think as a player he took place right now. He has reached such a serious level that he will not fall below. And I can say that he got to the Olympic Games. This victory is one hundred percent hit. “

Finally, his coach told about the reasons for the unexpected takeoff of the tennis player. Egor Yatsyuk

“Since last year Aslan has started to play tournaments more or less smoothly, so before that he had results that were up and down. But it was worked out. It was not so immediately that he came and began to win. How many matches we lost, how many he did not apply for the match, did not apply for the set … It was work every day, not only on the court. This is psychological work. There was more talk than work.

To be honest, they added everything they could. We will not stop, we can do more. But from the pitch to the game since the summer, we worked on all of these components every day. “

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