Oct 12, 2020
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A duck attacked a kind girl who was trying to help the ducklings

ducklings cross the roadThe mother duck, who was moving her brood across the road, was not very attentive and did not notice that several chicks did not have time to follow her.

ducklings cross the road

But on the other hand, this scene did not hide from the gaze of a caring resident of Yichang (Hubei province, China), who got out of the car to help the straggling ducklings reunite with their relatives.

ducklings cross the road

But the good-natured woman should not have touched one of the kids, because the feathered mother did not like it very much, and she made an aggressive attack towards the assistant. Fortunately, the woman was not offended by the ingratitude, and soon all the ducks were safely on the other side of the street.

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