Aug 5, 2022
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A dream about a bus seen by a sister helped a lucky woman win the lottery

a dream about a bus helped winA resident of Cockeysville (Maryland, USA) not only often dreams and remembers them, but also tries to extract practical benefits from dreams.

a dream about a bus helped win

For example, a 68-year-old lady dreams of various sets of numbers that she uses when playing the lottery. True, this time the woman decided to go a little different way and use not her own dream, but the dream of her own sister. A relative said that she dreamed of a bus with the number 23815 – she was traveling somewhere on it. Well, it was with this set of numbers that our heroine filled out another lottery ticket.

a dream about a bus helped win

The sister’s dream about the bus turned out to be quite profitable and enriched the lucky woman by $ 25,000. The lady said that the prize money would be used to pay the bills, but did not expand on whether she would buy any gift for her dream sister.

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