Apr 20, 2022
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A dolphin washed up on the beach dies as a result of the careless actions of a crowd of onlookers

dolphin died due to the actions of onlookersThe dolphin, thrown by the waves on the beach of Quintana (Texas, USA), had every chance to stay alive and return to its natural habitat.

dolphin died due to the actions of onlookers

Here are just onlookers who gathered to look at an unusual spectacle, behaved extremely thoughtlessly and even cruelly. They began to push the dolphin into the water, staged a semblance of a “swimming with dolphins” attraction, and even tried to ride the unfortunate creature. In fact, only one visitor to the beach contacted the rescuers, but when they arrived at the place, it was too late to help – the dolphin died.

dolphin died due to the actions of onlookers

Experts studying marine mammals called this incident a tragedy and sent out an important appeal to people to leave alone dolphins stranded in shallow water. These creatures experience considerable stress and do not crave to communicate with anyone. Not only bullying is unacceptable, but even attempts to help animals on their own – you need to call in specialists who will provide professional assistance to the injured dolphins.

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