Oct 23, 2021
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A dog that doesn’t smell like dog: 10 breeds for people with sensitive noses

A dog that doesn't smell like dog: 10 breeds for people with sensitive noses

What if you dream of a faithful friend who will be there every day, in grief and joy, on the couch and on a walk. Only I absolutely do not want the house to smell like dog, and the sofa was covered with wool.

Here are 10 dog breeds that don’t stink, shed, and generally don’t cause allergies

  1. Terriers: Yorkshire, West Howland White and Scotch
  2. Shih tzu
  3. Italian greyhound. Italian greyhounds should not be started if there are hamsters, parrots or rats in the house – they will become prey for your new pet.
  4. Chinese Crested
  5. Brussels griffin. They are very fond of children. They themselves are a little like children – spontaneity and playfulness. Griffins, like schnauzers, and many terriers, have a coarse outer coat. They are classified as trimmed breeds – that is, the undercoat is removed without waiting for molting – when cutting.
  6. Pomeranian Pomeranians are exceptionally clean, they constantly lick themselves and because of this they do not smell like a dog at all.
  7. Poodle. Fluffy poodles of any size do not cause allergies. More precisely. Such cases are very rare – breeders can count them on the fingers of one hand. The secret is that poodles have very little sebum, which causes allergies. These dogs practically do not shed: if you wash them regularly (a couple of times a month) and do not forget to visit the groomer, the allergy will forget your address.
  8. Bassendzhi. Due to the lack of an undercoat in this breed, it is less likely to cause allergies. But Bassendzhi still shed, besides, their saliva can provoke allergies.
  9. Tibetan Terrier and Hungarian Shepherd
  10. Dalmatian. We warn you right away: Dalmatians molt terribly. So we do not recommend this breed to allergy sufferers. But if you do not have an allergic reaction to the fur or saliva of an animal, then you will not find a better pet than a Dalmatian.

Many allergy sufferers mistakenly believe that the shorter the dog’s coat, the less allergic it will cause. They choose Dobermans, Dachshunds or Pinschers and soon find themselves up to their throats in short, sharp hairs that penetrate everywhere.

The Tibetan Terrier (which is actually not a terrier at all) and its close relatives, the Hungarian Shepherd Dog, prove that the main thing is not the length of the coat, but its structure. The Tibetan Terrier has soft hair and a thick undercoat that protects it from the cold on mountain trails.

Of course, he will have to be combed daily and bathed often, but as a result you will get a dog that is practically safe for allergy sufferers. And no smell of wet dog – even in heavy rain, even in the heat.

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