Jun 19, 2022
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A dirty version appeared in the release of the nationalist Taira from captivity

Throughout the weekend, the society was buzzing like a beehive – nationalist Yulia Paevskaya, nicknamed Taira, promoted by both sides and captured in Mariupol, seems to be free and in Kyiv. Officials filled their mouths with water. But then a video recorded by Tyra from Kyiv appeared, and the question arose: how so?

For Ukraine, Taira is a heroine. She fought in the ranks of Azov (banned in Russia) and Right Sector (banned in Russia). It seems like she was a paramedic and a sniper. Almost a Hollywood image – all in tattoos, a sporty blonde with a rifle. It does not reach the “Ghost of Kyiv”, but it is real.

For Russia, Taira is an enemy. Here, too, it was “untwisted” in the media field. Here you have the legends about her sniper shooting at children, and the story of being captured. They took her in the ambulance with the children. Then it was reported that she killed the parents of these children in order to pretend to be a relative of the children and thus freely leave the city under the guise of a peaceful refugee. Officially, however, the investigating authorities of Russia and the DPR did not comment on this information. On the other hand, they showed Taira watching a video of abuse of our military in Ukrainian captivity and saying that prisoners should not be treated like that. But in general, it was clear that Paevskaya was not just a prisoner of war, but a war criminal.

And the words were already heard: no one will exchange “Azovites”, “investigative actions”, “tribunal”. That is, justice triumphs, everyone will get what they deserve.

But here it’s on you. Satisfied, Taira sits in an easy chair, thanks Zelensky and broadcasts: “I always believed that everything would be exactly like this. And everyone who is on the other side now knows that everything will work out. And we will all be at home, as I am at home now.

It is quite difficult to find censorship words to describe this situation. But let there be a spit in the face. It is almost impossible to imagine the feelings of those who liberated Mariupol, those who are now fighting, at the moment when they saw the Kiev video with Taira.

Of the official explanations – only the message of Daniil Bezsonov, First Deputy Minister of Information of the Donetsk People’s Republic, who assured that Paevskaya was exchanged for “our very serious guys.” And for some reason, information thrown through state agencies with reference to a “source” that the deputy commander of the banned “Azov” Svyatoslav Palamar (call sign “Kalina”) and the commander of the 36th Marine Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Sergey Volynsky were transferred from the DPR to Russia for investigative actions (“Volyn”), who surrendered in Mariupol. You have to understand, does this mean you don’t have to worry about exchanges anymore? Surely they won’t give it back from Russia?

Since there were no official explanations, unofficial ones inevitably appeared. Including from Russian military correspondents who are close to the situation. I absolutely do not want to believe in these versions, among which corruption prevails (and the amount of 25 million rubles). But with the total silence of the authorities, it is they who begin to live their own lives and settle in the public consciousness.

The lack of dialogue and real answers to society’s questions not only leads to unacceptable losses in the information war, but also undermines the unity that arose in February. And this is a matter of existence itself.

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