Sep 10, 2020
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A dangerous picnic. Moscow doctors rescued a woman after falling into a bonfire

To the burn center of the city clinical hospital. F.I. Inozemtseva of the Moscow Department of Health, a 52-year-old woman was admitted who was injured during a picnic in nature. The patient had 1-2-3 grade flame injuries to the trunk and right upper limb 12% of the body surface.

The couple decided to go out of town and have barbecue. In the midst of the preparations, the woman inadvertently fell directly into the fire, and the clothes caught fire. The husband pulled her out of the fire, the flame was extinguished, but the couple decided not to seek help from the hospital.

For four days, the woman tried to cure the burns on her own at home, her condition worsened, so it was decided to call an ambulance.

An ambulance team took the woman to the burn center of the Inozemtsev hospital. After examining the patient, the doctors diagnosed a 1-2-3 degree burn of the torso, the right upper limb 12% of the body surface. The woman was immediately hospitalized.

Late admission to the burn center, the presence of damage not only to the skin, but also to the subcutaneous tissue, muscles, burn intoxication posed a threat to the development of a formidable complication – burn sepsis; the preservation of the function of the hand and the limb itself was also in doubt. Intensive therapy, six plastic surgery, long-term care, the experience of specialists and the capabilities of a modern burn center allowed us to avoid the worst, preserve the limb and its function, and achieve recovery. Now the woman has been discharged home, nothing threatens her life and health.

Burn center at the city clinical hospital. FI Inozemtseva is a unit providing round-the-clock specialized medical care to victims of burns and their consequences. The center is equipped with the most advanced medical equipment – laser equipment, aerotherapy units, electric lifts, and an operating microscope. Doctors of the burn center widely use methods of extracorporeal correction of homeostasis, detoxification, afferent therapy, and a skin resurfacing apparatus is used to treat cicatricial and cosmetic consequences of burns and injuries. For the rehabilitation of patients, special baths have been installed that allow hydrotherapy, rehabilitation equipment, as well as physiotherapy devices and much more. The location of the burn center on the basis of one of the largest Moscow multidisciplinary hospitals significantly expands the possibilities of providing care for severe combined and multifactorial lesions.

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