May 30, 2022
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A cunning puppy distracted the little mistress to take away her candy

sly puppy took candyA young resident of Sarcedo (Minas Gerais, Brazil) walked with her puppy, unaware of how insidious our best four-legged friends can be.

sly puppy took candy

The puppy stubbornly tried to grab the mistress by the legs and divert her attention. It seems that everything was started so that the girl dropped the candy on a stick, which she held in her hand. As soon as the little confectionery tragedy happened, the cunning pet grabbed the trophy and ran away.

sly puppy took candy

Laughing viewers noted that the video perfectly illustrates the saying “It’s easier than taking candy from a child.” Also, people were interested and amused by the final shots. But not at all a crying little stranger, but a puppy in the background. You only need to look at the proudly marching dog with candy to understand that he is having a very good day.

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