Nov 7, 2022
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A credit card can bring big losses.


The specialist told what is the catch of credit cards.

In many banks, employees go to all sorts of tricks to give a customer a credit card. Even if this product is absolutely necessary, representatives of financial organizations urge you to take it just in case or as a reserve. As a result, it may happen that even without using a credit card, you find yourself owing money to the bank. How this happens, the honored lawyer of Russia Ivan Solovyov told.

According to the specialist, it is very important to control the number of bank cards you have, especially credit cards, check their balance and remember the conditions. Those cards that you do not use can bring a lot of losses. The fact is that servicing a credit card costs money, and interest can also be charged on the resulting debt.

It makes sense to check your credit card balance regularly. And remember that the absence of an application for closing a credit card entails its automatic reissue“, – the lawyer told the Prime agency.

In general, you need to be careful with cards and immediately close those that you do not use. If the contract provides for an overdraft, then money can be debited from the balance for annual maintenance, as well as for any executive documents, for example, debts for housing and communal services or for overdue and unpaid fines. But worst of all, if the details of such cards fall into the hands of scammers, and they can write off the money. There is nothing to prove here – the debt will have to be repaid.

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