Sep 23, 2022
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A creative daughter took her mother’s tampon to make a dream catcher

girl made a dream catcherParents are always pleased to admire the creativity of their children. But sometimes kids are too creative.

girl made a dream catcher

Renee Smiler was convinced of this, whose five-year-old daughter proudly announced that she had made a dream catcher (an Indian amulet that protects a sleeping person from evil spirits and diseases). Entering her daughter’s room, the woman was going to admire the work, suspecting that the dream catcher is unlikely to look like a traditional amulet in the form of a hoop with a net.

girl made a dream catcher

But what he saw surprised even the mother of the family, who thought she was ready for anything. It turns out that the daughter got to the box with her mother’s tampons and hung one of them next to the bed, having previously painted with felt-tip pens.

girl made a dream catcher

The girl’s masterpiece made social media users laugh a lot. The pranksters said that the baby discovered a new use for tampons – now they don’t catch, but they perfectly absorb bad dreams.

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