Nov 8, 2022
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A cook prepares dishes whose recipes are engraved on tombstones.

tombstone recipesAbout a year ago, Rosie Grant studied library science at the University of Maryland (USA) and did an internship at the local cemetery archives.

tombstone recipes

One day, on one of the tombstones, a woman noticed something unusual – an engraved cookie recipe. Apparently, such a delicacy was the signature dish of the deceased stranger. Rosie was so impressed with her discovery that she decided to make the cookie recipe and it turned out wonderful. Since then, the cook has a hobby – she looks for tombstones, which are also engraved with any recipes, and cooks these dishes. Of course, there are few such burials, but Rosie already has more than a dozen dishes, including sweet fudge from the gravestone of one Kay Andrews, nut rolls from Ida Kleinman, and savory cheese sauce from the place of the last resting place of an unnamed lady.

tombstone recipes

Rosie is sure that with her culinary passion, she not only glorifies life triumphing over death, but also pays tribute to the dead. It would be great every time not only to prepare food according to recipes from tombstones, but also to try it in a cemetery. Thus, the departed would receive a sign that they are remembered.

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