Mar 31, 2021
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“A complete fool!” Plushenko’s wife Rudkovskaya was insulted for a joke about Tutberidze

No sooner had the world figure skating championship ended than another showdown began. This time the director of the Sambo-70 school got into a scandal Renat Laishevcalling Yana Rudkovskaya a fool, and Plushenko’s wife herself, who responded harshly to rudeness.

Rudkovskaya: “It’s good that I’m not Tutberidze’s husband”

Another scandal from the world of figure skating arose out of the blue. It all started with the fact that one site mistakenly called the famous producer Yana Rudkovskaya the wife of the ex-skater Alexey Yagudin (his wife – ex-figure skater Tatyana Totmianina – approx. He immediately reacted on social networks, publishing a humorous post on Instagram stories: “Nooooo, I don’t need this, thanks! Take me back to my place. ” He put such a signature on the screenshot of the article with the error.

This was followed by a new reaction to this message from Yagudin. In particular, Rudkovskaya herself left a comment: “It’s good that I am the wife of Yagudin, and not the husband of Tutberidze! Thank you anyway!” – the producer joked.

And already in defense of the figure skating coach Eteri Tutberidze Renat Laishev, General Director of the Sambo-70 Sports and Education Center, stood up: “As a teacher, I will tell you. She’s a complete fool! There is no other way to put it here! There are patriotic themes that our entire country is now focusing on. But Plushenko’s patriotic actions are funny and incomprehensible. He took and stole Trusova “(” SE “).

Then it became clear that the Khrustalny skating rink still cannot accept the skater’s departure. Alexandra Trusova last year to Evgenia Plushenko… At every opportunity, they are ready to throw a stone into the Olympic champion’s garden.

“Just put on a skirt”

Of course, such an insult could not be ignored by Yana Rudkovskaya. She quickly found something to say to Laishev.

“There are a lot of people who are promoting in my name! I have two degrees. If this respected person has a problem with a sense of humor and he is already bursting with a sense of his own worth, then these are definitely not my problems. I don’t know who it is, and, to be honest, I don’t want to know. Health to him, and good luck, and a drum on his neck!

We are all patriots of our country! Unlike him, my husband and our school “Angels Plushenko” gave Sasha Trusova ice for a year, all preparation was carried out without state support – for our private investments. It is good to trumpet at the expense of the state, how great and terrible it is. Have you invested your money in the training of at least one athlete ?! When you put it in, then we’ll talk.

And the fact that this comrade is a rude man, I was told, is no secret to anyone. If he wants to insult me, I don’t mind, and I’m no stranger to another war. Just put on the skirt! We will then be on an equal footing! Considering his cinematic past, as they tell me here, he is no stranger.

I’m ready for the battle, but it is unlikely to take place, given the previous background. They love to talk and promote everything at someone else’s expense, since their accounts are only state ones. Even government officials from Sambo-70, for some reason, constantly want PR. Sometimes they themselves do not understand what they are carrying.

But nothing happens … We have not paid attention to them for a long time. I consider his insult a provocation, but since this respected state official voiced this in public space, I cannot leave it unanswered, ”Rudkovskaya quotes“ Sport24 ”.

Yagudin: “Are you kidding?”

Alexey Yagudin, who unwittingly made porridge, soon published another post on Instagram: “Are you kidding? Only a day has passed since the World Cup. Give me a little rest … And certainly too much insult. Figured Santa Barbara, season 2021, ”wrote Alexey Yagudin.

At the same time, the skater Alexandra Trusova herself, regardless of this scandal, said that she did not consider the transition from Tutberidze to Plushenko a mistake.

“I believe that I did everything in my life correctly. And I’m still learning something new everywhere. I am very glad, I like to try different things. Of course, I think that I have improved in many ways both in skating and jumping. I hope that it’s not just me who thinks so, ”the figure skater said on the air of NTV.

In Yagudin’s language, the “Santa Barbara” figure skating continues. The confrontation between the Tutberidze and Plushenko clans continues, and there is no end in sight. For some reason, it seems that even if someone alone ends his coaching career and steps aside, this will not extinguish the flames of the information war that they have started. Well, the more interesting it is for us to watch this from the outside.

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