Sep 9, 2022
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A child who is not allowed to watch TV by his mother watches it for hours at his aunt’s house

child watching TV at aunt'sWhen it comes to kids and TV, every parent makes their own decision. And, of course, moms and dads expect their rules to be respected.

child watching TV at aunt's

For example, this resident of the UK does not allow her little son to watch TV at all, but recently she found out an unpleasant truth. When the baby is looked after by the sister of our heroine, she allows her nephew to sit in front of the screen for hours. The mother of the family was so angry with her relative that she quarreled with her and forbade her to see the boy and take him to visit her.

child watching TV at aunt's

The lady shared her family troubles with Internet users, and many people thought that her mother was not quite right. If the sister is essentially working for her as a free nanny, then the claims against her are inappropriate and not too honest. In addition, many people were perplexed by the complete ban on television. There is nothing terrible if the child watches some interesting, funny and educational programs. Although hanging in front of the screen all day, of course, is not worth it.

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