Apr 26, 2022
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A caring father helped his daughter during the first menstruation, which greatly offended his wife

caring father helped his daughterThis father of the family, who was having lunch with his 12-year-old daughter in a restaurant, suddenly noticed a red spot on the girl’s shorts and realized that a very important life moment had come for her.

caring father helped his daughter

The father wrapped his jacket around the child’s waist, covering the stain, and then went with his daughter to the store for hygiene products and a change of clothes, explaining to the girl along the way that this is the first menstruation, and there is nothing terrible and dangerous about them. Having bought everything necessary, dad sent the child to the toilet, after instructing him on the use of pads. And then I walked with my cheerful daughter to several entertainment places to finally improve her mood. It just didn’t end up as rosy as I would have liked. The wife of our hero, who was at a business meeting that day, was very offended when she learned that her husband had successfully resolved the situation with critical days. The woman said that the man appropriated the very intimate and touching moment that a mother and her daughter entering adulthood can share. Moreover, the lady feels unnecessary, since dad “has an itch to play mom”.

caring father helped his daughter

Our hero is perplexed – what should he have done? Leave a kid with a blood stain on his shorts completely frightened and embarrassed? Users of social networks completely agree with the man. Mom’s resentment, although understandable, is no one’s fault that everything happened not at all the way she wanted.

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