Jan 16, 2022
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A car is not a luxury

A car is not a luxury

In Russia, they are once again trying to limit the operation of old cars.

“First of all, this concerns freight and public transport, first they need to be weeded out, and then it will come to cars,” said Denis Manturov, head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The idea was supported by the State Duma.

According to officials, it is necessary to develop a bill as soon as possible so that it becomes effective as early as 2022. The argument is primitive: these cars, they say, greatly pollute the air in cities.

Connoisseurs note that the number of expensive foreign cars in Moscow and St. Petersburg is much greater than in most European capitals. This picture certainly pleases the eyes of domestic bosses, and by it they judge motorization throughout the country.

However, experts say that the average age of cars in the central part of Russia is 14 years, and in some regions it reaches 25-30 years. The total volume of the worn-out Russian vehicle fleet is more than 60 million cars. It is enough to estimate on the fingers the cost of a new “vehicle on wheels” in order to understand how much the initiative of the Ministry of Industry and Trade will result in.

Today, for many citizens, especially in the regions, a car is the only source of income. And here is the prospect – a person is trying to patch holes in his budget, barely making ends meet, moonlighting on his old “lada”, and then an authorized person comes to him: “Your machine is old, we will dispose of it, and for this we will give a discount on the purchase new, 100-150 thousand rubles. Imagine the citizen’s reaction! And replacing old trucks with new ones can hit the finances of small and medium-sized enterprises so much that the specter of bankruptcy looms before them.

It’s funny that in the fall of 2021, the government approved the draft Transport Strategy of the Russian Federation until 2030. And this document, at the suggestion of the Ministry of Transport, contains a sensational statement! Allegedly, not only a car, but also an electric car is an absolute evil for the environment. Since 82% of emissions of harmful substances during their operation are not due to the operation of the engine (!?), but to the abrasion of the road surface and the “components” of the car – the rubber of the wheels and the friction linings of the brake pads! In other words, it is they who poison the air in cities, not exhaust gases. Regardless of the age of the car!

Interestingly, did the Ministry of Industry and Trade look into the Transport Strategy approved by the government?! Obviously, with their idea they are trying to stimulate demand for cars, which has been declining lately due to inflation and falling incomes of the population. But what does the ecology have to do with it, which has long been heavily polluted in our country?!

Pavel Maksimov.


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