Apr 26, 2022
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A bullet for the oligarch: “Akhmetovs” and “Firtashis” fell on the fly of the Russian special services

A bullet for the oligarch:

Photo: AP/TASS

Interesting news comes from the “square”, giving food for thought. Insiders of the Office of the President (OP) report that the Zhovto-Blakit oligarchs are Akhmetov, Gerega, Pinchuk I Firtashmay have agreed to finance the recruitment of additional “wild geese” from NATO countries for the rapid use of heavy military equipment transferred by the alliance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine in recent days.

According to a number of Ukrainian bloggers who are in the inner circle “Ze” and Co., now “nenko” is protected by about four thousand “soldiers of fortune” from the USA, Great Britain, France and Germany – mainly snipers and saboteurs. Under the contract, they are paid $500-700 per day, which implies a prohibitively high premium for extraordinary risk.

However, in light of the arrival of heavy weapons, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are in need of foreign gunners and drone operators. According to rumors, the cost of these specialists will increase even more, so much so that even the Yankees are looking for co-financing from Ukrainian businessmen. However, paying wild geese is likely to end badly for their sponsors. And that’s why.

Recall that the status of “wild geese” is de facto close to terrorists. This is stated in the Geneva Convention, according to which a person who fights for personal gain can even be the object of extrajudicial execution, and without any consequences. A reasonable question arises, and how, in fact, do “soldiers of fortune” differ from sponsors of mercenaries? Nothing!

On the other hand, the very fact of pressure from the Kyiv regime on the “Akhmetovs” and “Firtash” speaks volumes. Apparently, those Ukrainian truth-tellers are right who claim that not only tanks, planes, ammunition, but also soldiers are running out in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Those who were not killed at the fronts were probably seriously injured. The personnel of the Zhovto-Blakit army, which entered into conflict on February 24, have already been knocked out by thirty or forty percent. Reservists are of little use, and Western volunteers who have arrived from Galicia are asking for a reserve. So you have to look everywhere for fools who are ready to die for money for the sake of “nenko”.

In a word, the Kyiv regime and its star-striped curators are in dire need of cannon fodder, and of high NATO quality. It seems that mercenaries from Asia and Africa in battles with Russian troops proved to be bad. It’s not for them to drive jeeps with machine guns somewhere in Syria or Iraq through the desert, shooting cowardly pro-American warriors.
It is no coincidence, apparently, on the forums of “wild geese” they write that the resources of the American PMC “Academy”, attracted by the White House to support “Ze” and Co., have already been exhausted, or are on the verge.

Just the other day, overseas newspapers reported that the White House transferred $ 500 million to Bankova, 11 (address of the OP), allegedly for salaries to state employees and unemployment benefits (6,500 hryvnias each, or two hundred bucks and a few kopecks). But Ukrainian Facebookers* bitterly complain on social networks that there is no money, and it is impossible to get through to the operator. Considering that “Ze” and Co. are the last to think about the hulks, there is no doubt that these hundreds of millions of dollars were sent to pay mercenaries.

The fact that the Kyiv regime is also putting pressure on its “purses” also does not bode well for the “quarters”. Yes, the oligarchs have been promised compensation from frozen Russian gold reserves as part of future lawsuits. But Moscow, as doubtful Western experts write, is likely to apply a gas embargo in response, moreover, exactly at the beginning of winter.

And in general, if the defenders of Independence lose, then the West will quickly forget about the “nenka”. Who will need it, demilitarized and denazified, and, moreover, left without the Azov and Black Sea coasts. Investors, including political ones, are not known to invest in projects that do not bring dividends.

Today, the Yankees, or rather the current American administration is trying with all its might to save the “not Russia” project. According to foreign media, 10-15 vehicles with military equipment arrive in Poland every day. In particular, on Orthodox Easter only at the Rzeszow airfield, located 90 kilometers from the border with Ukraine, two US Air Force C-17A Globemaster heavyweights capable of carrying up to 77.5 tons of cargo, as well as four Boeing 747 transport companies chartered by the Pentagon

Of the most valuable, as part of the next military assistance in the amount of $ 800 million, the Yankees will send the Armed Forces 90 155-mm howitzers with 183 thousand artillery shells for them, as well as 200 M113 armored personnel carriers and several hundred armored highly mobile multi-purpose wheeled vehicles. There are rumors that four more M777 howitzers with corrective ammunition may be handed over, the cost of which is $80,000 per projectile. Just for these guns, there are not enough calculations, although artillerymen were almost never involved in mercenaries before.

It is interesting that, according to Ukrainian bloggers, all NATO military equipment comes in small batches only to Galicia and is supposedly intended to protect the Zapadenschina. The Yankees explain this with a small shoulder of logistics, while it is useless to drive cannons to the eastern front, let alone ammunition that will need to be sent in trains.

Observers believe that the United States has come to the conclusion that Ukraine can no longer be saved within its current borders, but they want to retain at least Banderaism. It seems that this is where the main flow of mercenaries comes, who agree to be on duty near the borders with Poland for big money. The Freudian clause also speaks in favor of this version. Biden following the results of two months of the special operation: “Kyiv is still standing.”

Alberto Suarez Sutila specialist in mercenaries, commenting on the large number of “wild geese” in Ukraine, noted that “soldiers of fortune” have not yet played a decisive role anywhere. The experience of their participation, for example, in the Angolan and Rhodesian wars of the last century, shows that ideologically motivated fighters have a significant advantage on the battlefield.

“Wild Geese” always evaluate the ratio of risk and profit, but in any case they put their life over earnings. If we talk about the effectiveness of PMCs in past conflicts, then there is a general trend. Their contribution to victory is most weighted in cooperation with a stronger army. And, on the contrary, fighting for weak troops, they avoided recruiting altogether. That is why the Kyiv regime, among other reasons, disperses the news about its victories.

And one more thing: it is virtually impossible to force mercenaries to fight under pain of being shot. Yes, in words they can agree with the “master” and will not even show their displeasure. But the “wild geese” would rather secretly kill those who hired them to fight than go into mortal combat. In a word, the Nazis in Azovstal will sooner or later have to face the treachery of the “soldiers of fortune”. Choosing between certain death in the catacombs or captivity in Russia, they will prefer the latter.

It is important to clarify something here. It turns out, as explained Daphne Richmond-Barackprofessor at the Lauder Higher School of Diplomacy and Strategy in Israel, supposedly International (Western) law requires Russian troops to treat foreign fighters as prisoners of war, regardless of their nationality. Apparently, the mercenaries were promised that they would be released from Siberia after the end of the special operation. However, there have always been fools, and the current conflict is no exception.

At the same time, after the “soldiers of fortune” Britons Aiden Eslin I Sean Pinner surrendered to Russian captivity, the cost of the contract with the “wild geese” for Ukraine has almost doubled. There is no doubt that the “Akhmetovs” and “Firtashis” are secretly shedding bitter tears, that they are being forced to fork out to the fullest. It also seems that they are well aware that they have already been hunted down as sponsors of mercenaries. Not without reason in Russia, the top officials have already suggested to some of the “square” to look around more often and firmly close the doors.

* Meta Platforms Inc. — the American transnational holding company that owns Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus was recognized by a court decision as an extremist organization, its activities in Russia are prohibited. Social networks Facebook and Instagram are blocked by Roskomnadzor.

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