Oct 14, 2020
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A book by Oleg Tabakov, who died of cancer two years ago, has been published

19:14, 14.10.2020

The work is titled "My Real Life: A Dream of Theater".

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On March 12, 2018, Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov passed away. The great artist died at the 83rd year of life due to oncology. He spent his last months in the hospital, where he was in a state of artificial coma almost all the time. Farewell to Oleg Pavlovich took place on March 15 at the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater, of which he was artistic director from 2000 until his death. To honor the memory of the actor and director came his relatives, friends, students and fans of creativity. Tabakov was buried at the Novodevichy cemetery.

Oleg Pavlovich's book entitled "My Real Life: A Dream of the Theater" was published today. This is a collection of Tabakov's memoirs about his Saratov childhood, his first years in Moscow, the legendary Sovremennik, Tabakerka and the Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov, about his stellar colleagues on the stage and on the set. Longtime friend of the famous artist Anatoly Smelyansky noted that thanks to Oleg Pavlovich's love for details, his autobiography reminded him of a real novel.

“Oleg Pavlovich likes to express himself in florid, complex and subordinate sentences that seek to exhaust the subject at once. Often in some caustic or pointed, non-literary form. The spirit of the "living Great Russian language" feels very well. He published several books, which are a huge monologue of a characteristic artist, presenting one after another the roles he lived through life. His memory of the past is concrete and very sensual. He perfectly remembers the actors of his Saratov youth, shows exactly how the outstanding artist Slonov portrayed the commander Suvorov and rolled down from the Alps made of papier-mâché. His acting piggy bank contains a lot of fleeting impressions, which he hones to graphically distinct displays, ”Anatoly Smelyansky said about the work.

Book cover "My Real Life: A Dream of Theater"

Almost immediately after the funeral of Oleg Tabakov, the question arose of who would head the Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov. Two weeks after the death of the eminent artist, it became known that Sergei Zhenovach had taken the post of artistic director of the theater. Although for a long time there were rumors that this position could be entrusted to one of Oleg Pavlovich's students - either Yevgeny Mironov or Vladimir Mashkov. Among the candidates was Konstantin Khabensky, who has been serving in the troupe of the institution for over 15 years.

In the YouTube show "And Talk?" presenter Irina Shikhman asked Khabensky why, after all, he did not head the famous theater, if many artists stood up for it. “I am probably aware that not all the actors wanted me to become the artistic director,” retorted Konstantin. - Being the artistic director of a theater is God forbid anyone, by and large. There you need to be responsible not only for yourself and your professional growth, and maybe even forget about yourself, but also for the same fidgets like me, who have their own schedules, plans for life. At the same time, it is necessary to build a theater policy, invite other directors ... God forbid it. "

Oleg Tabakov

Recall that Oleg Tabakov has a widow, Marina Zudina. She was the second wife of the eminent artist, whom he married in 1995. The first chosen one of the People's Artist of the USSR was actress Lyudmila Krylova. In a marriage with her, the actor had a son Anton and a daughter Alexandra... Both senior heirs followed in their father's footsteps and tried their hand at acting. However, later Anton went into business and today is a successful restaurateur. As for Alexandra, after graduating from drama school, she worked for a long time in her father's theater. It is noteworthy that Tabakov treated his daughter more strictly than other actors, and often repeated that his children should achieve everything with their work. However, after Marina Zudina appeared at the Moscow Art Theater, who became not only a protege, but also Oleg Pavlovich's mistress, the girl quit her father's theater.

Oleg Tabakov with family and colleagues

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