Sep 16, 2020
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A blow to the head. Why footballer Shirokov should go to jail like Kokorin and Mamaev

Journalist Igor Maltsev - about how professional athletes cease to be such, becoming villains, and why this should be stopped immediately.

Probably the Honored Master of Sports and the winner of the UEFA Cup and Super Cup Roman Nikolayevich Shirokov (born in 1981, Russian) was once a good footballer. On August 10, 2020, he became just shit.

It happened quite routinely, as any evil happens: during the match of amateur teams "Nothing special" and "Match TV" Shirokov beat referee Nikita Danchenkov, hitting him a couple of times with his hands on the head, and after the referee fell down, struck him another a blow to the face, but this time with a foot. The cause of the incident was a controversial moment in the game, after which Shirokov began to insult the referee, and when he saw a red card, he attacked. In order to record all this, it was not necessary to raise the security cameras of “Coffeemania”, as it was in the case of the beating by two other players - Kokorin and Mamaev - a visitor to the cafe. Here, on the field, the team members themselves had to drag the former professional footballer, who was crazy about his impunity, from his victim.

Later, the footballer apologized, but did not fail: the referee still went to the police with a statement. Now a criminal case has been opened against the ex-player of the national team. Officially, the arbitrator's lawyers have not yet been notified, but already disagree with the qualifications.

The fact is that they are trying to slow down the scandal. The wording here is: "Deliberate infliction of minor harm to health." It seems that if the matter were limited to poking a fist in the face, then maybe it would look like this. But no. Because Shirokov kicked the recumbent in the head.

What is a kick of a football player of this class and such preparation with a foot on a target? Well, so that you understand, the ball can reach speeds of 150 to 210 kilometers per hour after such a blow. Now imagine a human head instead of this fucking ball. So there is, in fact, an attempted murder, and not "slight harm to health."

The murder did not happen due to circumstances beyond the control of the criminal. This is what it looks like.

In general, it is interesting how simple male taboos are destroyed. For example, do not hit a lying person. I understand that I am now talking to the wall about such shaky things as morality in the era of social networks, which have long abolished this morality - at least under the pretext of "fighting gender stereotypes."

But still. When did our athletes become so crazy with their own greatness that they beat civilians, beat lying people, beat women? When did all this happen - this watershed? At the same time, we must all understand that the hand and foot of a professional athlete is no longer just an arm or a leg, it is a deadly weapon.

After the attack, Danchenkov spent three weeks on sick leave. And he was lucky. But the victim's lawyers will insist on the attempt - and they will be right. The sports elite are taking on more than they can carry. Maybe they should pay less so that they don't have extra money for cocaine and girls? Or there is a simpler option: not to make exceptions, not to let go - as soon as not only human laws, but also criminal ones are violated. As simple hard workers, and not the stars of the TV screen, which they imagine themselves to be. Despite the fact that fans and cesspool will now squeak there.

Because otherwise it won't stop. Do you remember how many well-wishers fit in for Kokorin and Mamaev? And they sobbed, and wrote letters, and the sacrifice was mixed with manure. It will be the same here. We have just passed this in Efremov's case, when even a completely obvious serious crime is subjected to revision attempts, and jurisprudence is devalued as an institution. When the crowd is driving in the street, and who shouts louder is right. This, by the way, is also a wonderful influence of social networks on the brain of today's layman. And few people understand that one day the boot of another football player who imagines himself a superman for whom the laws are not written can drop into this brain. And if they are written, then you can always excuse yourself. Enough. To the kichu!

Igor Maltsev
Igor Maltsev

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