Oct 26, 2021
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A black cat ran between Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Bennett

Photo: Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett (from right to left) during a meeting

In the photo: Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett (from right to left) during a meeting (Photo: Evgeny Biyatov / POOL / TASS)

In the Jewish state there is such an omniscient website DEBKAfile, behind which, according to the hints of its founders, there are MOSSAD, AMAN (the military intelligence of the IDF), as well as sources of the American intelligence community. He is cited by the BBC, USA Today, Time Magazine, Le Monde, Corriere della Sera and many other top news outlets in the West. His motto goes something like this: “We start where other (media) left off.”

It is believed that about 80% of the forecasts published on DEBKAfile come true. In particular, this site was not wrong in predicting the 9/11 terrorist attack and numerous missile attacks on Israel. However, the Jewish press is often critical of DEBKAfile. Say, everything that this site has achieved refers to self-promotion, and the popularity among other media is explained by the predictions “there are enemies around, everything is terrible, but it will be even worse.”

One way or another, the Iranian media “adore” DEBKAfile for talking about the achievements of the Ayatollah regime, which is a mortal threat to Israel. The fact that behind these horror stories are the selfish interests of MOSSAD and AMAN, knocking out additional funding, few of the Persians care – the main thing is that the Jews are “more and more afraid” of Iran and Hezbollah.

So: after the meeting Putin and Bennett, the new Jewish prime minister, DEBKAfile reported on the allegedly insurmountable differences between Russia and Israel, despite the “unique relationship.” An unnamed website analyst noted that the parties in public demonstratively avoided the topic of the Iranian nuclear program, although they discussed regional problems, the main one of which is Tehran’s nuclear aspirations. This is the first thing.

Secondly, according to DEBKAfile, Putin expressed, albeit in a mild form, dissatisfaction with the bombing strikes of the Israeli Air Force on the territory of Syria. The anonymous analyst is sure that the leader of the Russian Federation demanded an end to strikes against the Syrian army, although he kept silent about the Iranian military and Shiite proxy forces, primarily Hezbollah.

They say that Vladimir Vladimirovich, being an experienced politician, understands that it is impossible to demand everything at once, but a little bit is possible. He raised this issue even in his welcoming speech: “As you know, we are making efforts to restore and strengthen the Syrian statehood. There are also problematic issues, there are many of them. ”

Third, Putin hinted at a special relationship with Netanyahu and some secret agreements that Israel, despite the change of prime minister, must adhere to. “I very much hope that despite the internal political battles – and they are inevitable for every state – your government will still pursue a policy of continuity in terms of Russian-Israeli relations. We have developed quite business, trusting relations with the previous government, ”VVP noted.

Thus, the master of the Kremlin made it clear that he knows everything about the political cuisine of Tel Aviv, not only public, but also classified. Like, “yes, you have a MOSSAD, but our GRU is not a mistake either … my spies report that you want to cancel the previous agreements … that will not work.”

DEBKAfile also suggests that Bennett did not fly to Sochi empty-handed. Tel Aviv may have offered Moscow mediation in the settlement of Russian-Ukrainian relations, naturally, in exchange for the “Iranian issue.” But, according to the site, VVP did not even raise an eyebrow, although it condemned NATO aspirations in the following days. Zelensky

Few people know that Israel’s Minister of Housing was in the role of translator during Putin and Bennett’s walk. Zeev Elkin, who later spilled some details on the behind-the-scenes talks. The hospitable host of the Sochi residence, Bocharov Ruchei, turned out to be adamant on two issues – the nuclear deal with Iran and the security of the Syrian army. The Russian leader periodically reminded that he had agreed on these issues with Netanyahu, be so kind as to fulfill them.

The Israeli Prime Minister, having arrived in Sochi, was slightly shocked after learning about the details of the talks between the Russian Defense Minister. Sergei Shoigu and Chief of the General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Mohammad Bagheri. Let us remind you that on October 19, Sergei Kuzhugetovich did not hide his support for the Iranians, saying that “our relations are developing very dynamically and are multifaceted, a vivid confirmation of this is our great joint struggle against international terrorism.”

Israeli media, citing their sources in the intelligence community, write that Moscow will help Tehran in two areas – naval and air. “One set (of documents) covered the sale of Russian warships with guided missiles and submarines to Iran, the other – modern Russian fighters for the Iranian Air Force and various missiles,” the Jerusalem Post emphasizes. Say, otherwise, as a betrayal of the Russians, you can not call it.

It seems that Moscow wants to raise its defense shipbuilding industry for Iranian money, although Tehran needs more of our fighters. It is clear that today the Kremlin is vitally interested in a new nuclear deal with the Ayatollah regime, as well as, by the way, the White House, headed by a member of the Democratic Party. Both the EU and the US will be happy, and money will pour into our military-industrial complex like a golden rain. And here is some Bennett with his stupid demands.

Under these conditions, the visit of the Jewish Prime Minister to Sochi should be viewed as a gesture of despair. He clearly returned back in great irritation, as evidenced by the fact that the Israeli Air Force almost immediately after his return scattered warning leaflets to Syrian soldiers – the very things that the Russian leader asked not to touch.

The situation is aggravated by the fact that some drones attacked the American military base at Al-Tanf in eastern Syria at the same time as the Sochi meeting was underway. Iranian sources claim that the attack on Al-Tanf did not take place without the complicity of the Russian side, which, nevertheless, warned the Americans at the last moment. US military personnel were not injured, although the tents in which they were housed, as well as several hangars with military equipment and warehouses with weapons, according to photographs of anti-American media, were destroyed.

Tel Aviv decided to strike back. According to the South Front portal, on October 24, after Israeli airstrikes on the positions of the Syrian Arab Army (government forces) and Hezbollah, located in the governorate of Al-Quneitra, local residents found leaflets in which Syrian soldiers warned against cooperation with Hezbollah. Photos of these “warnings” were also shown.

They say: “As we warned earlier, the continuation of your cooperation with Hezbollah and their presence in the south of Syria with your connivance – all this entails suffering and pain! There are those among you who do not hesitate: for example, the commander of the reconnaissance company of the 90th brigade, Captain Bashar al-Hussein… He trades your lives, supports Hajj Javad Hashim (one of the Hezbollah commanders) … Hezbollah rules and hunts you. So don’t bother us … “.

“Do not interfere”, obviously, has a message not so much to the Syrian soldiers as to the Russian soldiers in Syria, with a subsequent signal to Putin.

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