Oct 22, 2021
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A bird drinking water bathed and barely escaped a hungry fish

bird drinking waterA dramatic moment, filmed in Patos de Minas, Brazil, shows us a bird whose thirst almost turned into a loss of life.

bird drinking water

The pigeon sat on the bank of the river and drank water, not even noticing that the stone lurking in the shallow water is not a stone at all, but a cunning fish in disguise, which, unlike its victim, did not want to drink at all, but to eat. At some point, the predator lunged – and it seems that you can sigh sadly for the pigeon.

bird drinking water

However, even in spite of the fact that the fish dragged its lunch under the water, the bird turned out to be a real fighter, not going so easily and humbly to part with life. Eyewitnesses could only be surprised, looking at how the pigeon flew out from under the water, of course, in complete panic. It seems that now the feathered hero of the frames will think several times before surrendering to instincts, losing all vigilance.

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