Feb 23, 2021
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90s singer Alice Mon had an abortion at eight one

Alice Mon, once a popular singer from the 90s, said that eight-one got on with an abortion.

90s singer Alice Mon had an abortion at eight one

She added that at the same time she had been with a spiral at all times, and everything turned out equally well to get pregnant. Mon did the first three abortions in her first alliance with musician Vasily Marinin. She was credited so much because she felt that their relationship was ending in divorce.

The only son of 56-year-old Alice was born in 1989, when she was in the second union. She named her son Sergei in honor of the boy’s parent Sergei Muravyov, a composer and producer of the Labyrinth group. The guy decided to follow in the footsteps of his parents and now reads in the manner of rap. However, until he achieved great creative success.

The singer noted that she would like to see her 31-year-old son more wealthy, but added that this is her fault.

It is reported that the alliance with Muravyov was unhappy for her, as if after the official registration, he changed a lot and took up assault.

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