Oct 15, 2020
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90-year-old Ivan Krasko told how he transfers coronavirus

16:47, 10/14/2020

The artist has lost his appetite and does not smell.

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Ivan Krasko, from the very beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, was very doubtful about the infection. The actor believed that people were simply intimidated. However, four days ago it became known that Krasko himself had contracted COVID-19. Ivan Ivanovich felt unwell after two performances in St. Petersburg.

Doctors were immediately called to Krasko, who confirmed that the 90-year-old actor had contracted the coronavirus. Due to his advanced age, Ivan Ivanovich is at risk - for him the virus is especially dangerous, but Krasko refused hospitalization, explaining that he felt not so bad already. Ivan Krasko has no severe symptoms - the actor feels weak, has no appetite and does not smell. His family helps the actor to endure the disease. Now Ivan Ivanovich lives with two sons and ex-wife Natalia Vyal.

Ivan Krasko with his sons

“I played two performances here after a half-year break during self-isolation. He spent a lot of energy, at that moment he pecked me! Heather, of course, a virus. You know, I think I'm already on the mend. You can say that I am already defeating the coronavirus. He does not see me as an opponent who needs to be finished off. I still have weakness, no appetite, no other symptoms. It seems to me that tempering helped. So, I chose the right way of life - I ran a lot, played football. I was prescribed some pills, I drink. I also want to buy berries, I will drink with sugar, "- said Ivan Krasko in a conversation with journalists" KP ".

Recall that Ivan Krasko celebrated his 90th birthday on September 23, 2020. The artist decided to celebrate this event modestly, as he admitted that he is not doing well with money now. Ivan Ivanovich spent all his savings during the coronavirus pandemic. Despite his age, Krasko still enters the theater stage, and recently even starred in a film, the name of which the artist did not disclose. Moreover, Ivan Ivanovich said that he dreamed of dying on the stage.

Ivan Krasko and Natalia Shevel

Ivan Krasko also shared that he wants to finish his house near St. Petersburg to the end in order to live there and not cause trouble for his relatives. Most of all, at the end of September, the artist was afraid of getting sick, since he did not want to burden his family and friends. However, Ivan Krasko did not manage to avoid infection.

Ivan Krasko was married four times. In his first marriage, his daughter Galina was born, and his second wife gave the artist a son, Andrei, and a daughter, Julia. Together with his second wife Kira, the artist lived for more than 40 years until his wife's death. The third wife was Natalya Vyal, who gave birth to two sons to Ivan Ivanovich. Together, husband and wife were ten years old, and then divorced. This was not the end of Krasko's personal life. In 2015, he married his student Natalia Shevel, who was 60 years his junior. The couple lived together for three years and divorced, but they maintain communication even now.

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