Mar 30, 2021
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9 will take on a cloudless move to a new apartment

9 will take on a cloudless move to a new apartment

Moving to a new house or apartment is a dignified process that requires a thorough approach. There are a lot of useful signs that will help you move safely to a new location, take good luck with you.

Moving, wandering and changing surroundings have a great effect on a person’s energy. If you are about to move, take it as something very positive. Yeah, it can be difficult and sometimes very energy consuming, but in the end the move will have a very beneficial effect on your fortune and energy.

If you have a cat or a dog, then the first step is to let the animal into the house. They say that in this way the four-legged friend neutralizes negative energy and helps to find out where the greatest measure of positive is concentrated. The place in which the animal will lie down in the first one will represent the most powerful in terms of energy.

It’s worth starting early, because the omen tells you that you need to completely clean the house before freeing it up for new people. This is how you take all the most important with you and get rid of failures. You should start cleaning from the farthest corner of the house and gradually move towards the exit, as if sweeping everything behind you.

Since ancient times, brownies were considered very stately disembodied creatures, which help to bring happiness, kind-heartedness and comfort to the house. Try not to leave the brownie in the old place. Take it with you. To do this, you will simply need to invite him. You can say: “Brownie-brownie, we take you with us. We are leaving home. We invite you with us. ” When you get to your new apartment with your things, say before entering your home: “This is your newest home.”

Before people fumigated the room. You can do the same, for example with scented candles or incense. You can also walk around your new apartment with a candle, or sprinkle the corners and doorways with holy water. Can be consumed in three ways all at once.

Moving in times of rain or snow significantly increases the likelihood that you will be bared financially in a new place. Since ancient times, people believed in the special power of the weather when moving, so no one was afraid in such moments of bad weather.

Do it as brightly and positively as possible. Invite the closest and most positive people who are able to rejoice for you from all the pressure. This will dramatically increase the positive field in your new home.

It is very disheartening if you have forgotten something and you need to return and pick it up. If you don’t return, the move will be successful, and Palestine will be in trouble. Actually, therefore, try to carefully collect everything you need. If you have to return, say hello, and when you leave again, say goodbye.

Experts strongly recommend that you do not wash your hair, do your laundry or bathe on the day you move. This is a very dignified day on which it is necessary to direct all your energy and efforts into the actual move. In ancient times, all other deeds were considered an awful omen.

Purchase a set of kitchen utensils, brand new mugs, or the latest sofa. It can be anything – any cute little thing that will be associated with a new home and help to rebuild. This thing will become a cloudless amulet. Keep it visible and use it.

Remember to move in a positive spirit. If someone or something has gone bad, you can use one of five helpful techniques to raise it.

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