Oct 16, 2021
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9 things you must love about a man for a successful relationship

9 things you must love about a man for a successful relationship

What should be liked in a man for a successful relationship

You don’t have to like absolutely everything about him. He is a person, an imperfect person, which means that he will have those moments that you will not like. But if you want a successful relationship, some things must be 100% pleasant to you, because love cannot cover it.

1. His physical appearance.

He doesn’t have to be a perfect handsome man, but he should attract you outwardly. Otherwise, your sex life will be problematic.

2. How he treats you.

If he humiliates you, shows disrespect, you deserve better. Now you can close your eyes to it, perceive it as its peculiarity, a sense of humor, but in the end you will get tired of it. That’s why it’s best to save yourself some time and get away from someone who mistreats you from the start.

3. His loved ones.

You can hope that he will leave friends you hate, but there is no guarantee of that. Most likely they will be at your wedding, if it comes to that, so make sure that you like his loved ones (or that you can at least endure them for several hours in a row).

4. How he kisses you.

If he kisses badly, or if he is bad in bed, then over time you will kiss and sleep less and less with him until you stop completely.

5. His pets.

If he has a cat that is only two years old and will live for another 10 years, you better fall in love with this cat. Asking a man to choose between you and his pet is cruel and unfair.

6. His work.

You don’t have to be a fan of what he does. But you have to support his career and be proud of him for it. If you regret that he is not a lawyer or a doctor, then the problem is in you, and this will cause problems in the relationship.

7. His sense of humor.

If his jokes don’t seem funny to you, then how are you going to laugh together? You don’t need to date a humorist. You just need to find where your sense of humor matches so you can have fun together.

8. His hobby.

If all his hobbies are video games, and you hate them, then this will only lead to fights. You don’t need to sit next to him when he bangs, but you should be okay with it. Everyone has their own way to relax.

9. His family.

The better you get along with his mom, the easier your life will be. His family will not be involved in every aspect of your relationship, but they will appear. Do you really want to be afraid of every holiday?

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