May 5, 2021
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9 energy subjects of people: what determines the strength of our aura

9 energy subjects of people: what determines the strength of our aura

The human body is depicted as an energetic focus. The aura of each of us is unique, but nevertheless, in the biofield of many people, some general features can be traced. Experts in this field talked about what energy types of people are and how they are unique.

Earlier we talked about how to get along with negative people in order to protect yourself from their influence. The time has come to find out what people are like and what energy types can be dangerous. Also, this article will help you identify your own youngster. It will be healthy for those who want to know their strengths and strengths. Often times, people can have mixed energy thugs.

Any thug of energy who visits such a person comes back. People-mirrors perfectly understand who is standing in front of them – the carrier is kind-hearted or the carrier is spiteful. If you send positive emotions to such a person, they return to you in a double volume. All negative personalities instinctively tremble mirror people, as if they are receiving a negative charge back. “Mirrors” of the century are found only with those they like.

There will be countless such people around us, but they are distinguished by the degree of “vampirism”: someone feeds on other people’s forces fluidly and unconsciously, and someone – continuously. These people are distinguished by persistence, aggression. They are filled with energy during disputes, conflicts, insults to others. This gives them strength, and leaves the victim in a depressed state. They stick to the energy field of weak people, which is why they are also called leeches.

These people pour out their problems on us, seek sympathy. They live in poverty, so much as if it is the most basic fuel for them. These are dangerous and unpleasant people, from whom it is more important to stick further. On the other hand, they are not as dangerous as vampires, although they are fueled by our energy.

These are people with an impenetrable biofield. It is very difficult to disable them, pump them up with negative. Everything that is awkward or important is born of everything within themselves. It can be difficult for them to perform in life, because such an energetic scheme makes them in some way closed, but not always self-sufficient. Sometimes they need to work innumerable on themselves in order to cultivate love of life and kindness in themselves. If this is not done, everyone will turn away from them.

These are very sentimental people who absorb the energy coming to them. They are distinguished by a pronounced desire to help, an elevated level of empathy. Their ability to absorb someone else’s energy can play a cruel joke with them. If they go along with only bad people, a flurry of problems awaits them. They need to avoid communicating with vampires by any means.

These people accumulate negativity in themselves, forming huge reserves of negative flows. These people think only of themselves and constantly worry only about their problems. These are egoists who absolutely do not know how to control their thoughts. They are often very withdrawn.

This is a very dignified fellow of people. They do not accept the negative or the positive – they transmit it all more distantly. There are a lot of such people on our planet. They tend to bypass Palestine all the awful and unpleasant, because it does not linger in them for a long time.

These people want to be with everyone and always. They do not know how to distinguish between good and bad, which brings them a lot of problems in life. They give their energy to tight-fitting ones, often leaving nothing to themselves.

These are people who are energy converters. If negative comes to them, they convert it into positive energy. These are very dignified and strong personalities that our world needs. They help in resolving conflicts. They are natural diplomats, psychologists and leaders.

It will be fractional that we have to deal with those who influence us not in the best way. If suddenly you happen to communicate with someone very antipathetic, try to use the advice of experts on how to restore the aura and biofield.

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